Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack

Justine Coleman is an media hack

On October 15, 2020 at 9:20 PM, Justin Coleman, a breaking news reporter with The Hill, published a ±640 word piece entitled

Intelligence officials warned Trump that Giuliani was target of Russian influence campaign

On the same day at 11:05 PM (105 minutes later), she rushed to publish a second ±880 word piece entitled:

Feds investigating if alleged Hunter Biden emails connected to foreign intelligence operation

In the first article, Coleman claimed that four former US intelligence officials that were ‘familiar with the matter’ said that the Hunter Biden emails and images published by the New York Post are part of an influence operation by Russian intelligence. In the second article, she repeated the same claim and added that the materials weren’t published by Twitter and Facebook because they violated their “hacked materials policy”.

Ignoring for a second the unfounded claim that these documents were obtained by Russian intelligence when they hacked Burisma, Coleman’s allegations about the inability to authenticate the emails and that the images are fabricated seem legitimate…that is, until you evaluate the actual evidence, her credentials to make these statements, and her sources. Running Coleman through various analytics shows the following:

  1. She is a new hire at The Hill. According to her resume and bio, she has little SME experience beyond a few fluffy internships.
  2. She ‘lifted’ the articles from an NBC News piece by Ken Dilanian (the prince of impeachment) and a WaPo piece written by Ellen Nakashima (the queen of Russian collusion).
  3. She was instructed by her editor to publish the piece ‘as is’ with no independent verification of sources or their claims.
  4. The pieces were published by The Hill to help ‘amplify’ Dilanian’s NBC and Nakashima’s WaPo articles.
  5. All of Coleman’s, Dilanian’s, and Nakashima’s works are completely circular. None of these articles have even one substantiated piece of evidence.
  6. None of the reporters participating in this influence operations nor the mysterious intelligence officers provide any factual explanations of the evidence. None has actually evaluated the source materials (which is what any half-decent investigative reporter or an intelligence analyst would do).

Justin Coleman LinkedIn Justin Coleman Resume
Image 1: The investigative journalistic credentials of Justine Coleman

What about Justine Coleman’s expertise writing about national security and intelligence? Don’t bother looking for them, they are non existent. Her largest on-line footprint for original investigative work is her 8th grade science project. In this article, her ”Key to Awesomeness” is described as:

“Her science fair experiment was to determine how detergents, and the temperature of the water, affected stain removal.  “My experiment, basically, consisted of staining cotton pieces, washing them with different detergents and in different temperatures of water, and measuring the results,” said Justine.

To summarize it in a non-scientific language, she discovered that some of the stains came out, while others remained on the fabric, and that water temperature does, in fact, affect stain removal.

This basically concludes the listing of Justine Coleman’s professional qualifications to opine on any national security or intelligence matters or the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, images, and emails.

Justine Coleman
Image 2
: Justine Coleman The national security and intelligence intern reporter who also discovered that water temperature and detergent type effects stain removal

Justine Coleman Student
Video 1
: October 2019, the George Washington University’s School of Media journalism student Justine Coleman expressing her disbelief that something that she wrote was worthy of publication by WaPo

Clearly, Coleman is somebody’s sock puppet. It didn’t take much to figure out that Ellen Nakashima was part of the brain behind this little active measure. So what’s the deal with Nakashima? If you are not familiar with this journalistic seraph, she is the reigning queen of the Russian DNC hack narrative. In May-June 2016, she actively colluded with Crowdstrike and the DNC’s senior leadership to develop the Russian source of the DNC hack claim. She then published that story on June 14, 2016. Then as now, she argued that the damaging DNC emails (the ones that describe how the DNC torpedoed Bernie Sanders) couldn’t be authenticated. On December 22, 2016, Nakashima again knowingly published and pimped another false article that promoted the Crowdstrike debunked claim that the Russians hacked the Ukrainian artillery using the same APT techniques they allegedly used on the DNC.

What about the identity of the four anonymous former US intelligence officials that provided Nakashima with this information? It turns out that they are not anonymous at all. Just like the case of the four blind mice, they are mere literary devices, they don’t exist! As with the DNC hack fiction, Nakashima made them up and then used reporters like Coleman and information laundromats like the Hill to amplify the story.

The bottom line is that the Hunter Biden materials published by the New York Post have been proven authentic long before this publication. The same applies to other digital materials from the laptop such as video, images, texts, and emails. The attacks on the validity of the Biden laptop materials are a misdirection that is designed to suppress the irrefutable evidence of a Biden family criminal/treasonous conduct and the complacency of various state and federal authorities in prosecuting it. It goes without saying that none of the hyena investigative reporters that until recently howled about the validity of the Trump Russian collusion bothered to lift a finger in an attempt to validate Hunter’s laptop materials, which are an order of magnitude worse than anything even alleged in the Steele dossier.

The real question that we should all be asking is not if the Biden laptop materials are authentic, they are. But rather, how/why are RICO syndicates the likes of NYT and WaPo allowed without any legal consequences to shield/enable the Biden criminal conduct?


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A Sampling from Ellen Nakashima’s Russian Collusion Repertoire
White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump – Oct 15, 2020
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46 thoughts on “Justine Coleman from The Hill is A Manipulative Media Hack

  1. If only a few newspaper editors across the United States had the integrity to publish your excellent work those of us who use to believe in our government’s Justice Department, FBI, our Senate and House, might have some hope that the evil and malign operators would be exposed and brought to justice. I don’t want to wait for ‘history’ to expose them — you already have done this since the early days of President Trump’s presidency — I want to see the truth on front pages and in major media right now. I use to console myself that ‘the wheels of the gods grind slow, but they grind exceeding small’. Right now, I want the mighty wheels grinding the bad actors, them being indicted, hiring attorneys, and receiving swift justice; and, I want lying journalists and their lies exposed and their positions in major newspapers and/or television eliminated.

    Thanks for your continued fine work.

    • Thank your for your kind words Joan.


      Though the mills of G-d grind slowly,
      Yet they grind exceeding small
      Though with patience he stands waiting,
      With exactness grinds he all.

      At the same time, there is no reason why we can’t help with the coarse girding first…

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