The Disinformation Cockroaches


With Zuckerberg’s confession about his FBI tryst and the release of the Twitter files (parts 67), it’s now patently clear that a coalition of USG agencies, SM companies, MSM, the Republican establishment, and democratic operatives conspired and stole the 2020 election by suppressing the Hunter Biden Laptop story and engaging in massive election disinformation activity.

The Cockroach Problem
Image 1: A sampling of few of the 2016-2022 USG and Republican establishment sponsored active measures

It’s also evident that operations like:

  1. Flynn’s/McCrystal’s Q and Italian Job
  2. Garret Ziegler’s HB laptop disinfo
  3. Patrick Byrne’s numerous fake election investigation initiatives such as the Iranian Hacking
  4. Lindell’s Absolute Proof
  5. Mary Fanning’s Hammer and Scorecard
  6. Phill Kline’s Bethpage ballot trafficking
  7. D’Souza’s 2000 Mules
  8. Jack Maxey’s HB laptop child porn claims and other fabrications
  9. Lin Wood’s/Sidney Powell’s Kraken
  10. The formation of multiple USG controlled Manosphere and alt-right organizations the likes of the Patriot Front (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and the Liminal Order
  11. The extensive use of USG paid informants, provocateurs, and agitators in J6

All these well funded and coordinated active measures were designed to target President Trump and the MAGA movement. Yep, the Bushes, McCain and Romney may be out of office, but, their dynasties and the old DOJ/DoD/FBI/Agency networks are alive and kicking.

Republican DOJ Hoes
Image 2: A few of the Bush/republican establishment DOJ affiliates pimping the Mar-A-Logo raid

This poem is dedicated to all of the Bush-Romney-McCain-USG cockroaches who in 2016-2022 cried: ‘Havoc!’, slipped the dogs of war, and butchered our republic and justice system.

The Disinformation Cockroaches (inspired by Lord Byron’s The Destruction of Sennacherib)
The cockroaches crawled out of the swamp in the night,
The USG and MSM conspired with them with delight;
The facts checkers drowned the truth in lies,
Crowning a corrupt senile usurper in disguise.

Like the leaves of the forest when summer is green,
‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘J6’ played on every screen;
Like the fallen leaves when autumn hath blown,
The Hatch Act now lies dead with no one to mourn.

For the Angel of truth flapped his wings in a gust,
And breathed in the face of the deep state as he passed;
The ministry of truth censors waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still!

The authors of the Twitter mails now cry and bemoan,
The idols of  grift have fallen in the temple of Mammon;
And the WaPo-NYT demon smote by the sword,
Hath vanished like sin in the glance of the Lord!

A sampling of Republican establishment anti-MAGA/Trump operatives
Howse, Flynn, McInerney, and Fanning – The Kraken and Raid 11/27/20 interview (~ min 42:00)
Roger Stone – The architect (with Flynn) of the J6 riots, an anti-Trump saboteur, and a sexual pervert extraordinaire
Kevin Moncla – A convicted criminal and a leading disinformation artist regarding the GA elections (1, 2, 3)
Jovan Pulitzer  – The king-of-con, the man behind Swordgate and multiple fake 2020 election claims
Ben Hendrick – A Microsoft exec, a Romney operative and a producer of disinformation movies about the GA ballots (1, 2, 3, 4)
Shawn Smith – A DoD op and his involvement in the staging of the J6 riots

The 2000 Mules from Outer Space
My Name is Jack Maxey, and I’m a Fabricator
The Birth of the American Weimar Republic

Copyright 2022 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

42 thoughts on “The Disinformation Cockroaches

  1. Hi Yaacov, do you think Qanon was a Trump/Flynn op, or an op against them, or just a scam by some 4chan anons? Trump and Flynn seem to have endorsed it?

    • Q was/is a Flynn/McCrystal PsyOp that was designed from the get go to hurt Trump and subvert the MAGA movement. Despite all of the legal drama surrounding Flynn he is still tied to the DoD/DOJ and many of the operations that we are seeing from his side (all of the fake patriotic stuff) are designed to takeover/destroy the MAGA movement.

  2. As opposed to the ‘respectable press’ that amplified every lie against trump as they have done against netanyahu we shall see if history echoes on that point

    Nunes who was like a young affable version of nixon was actually targeted by the organs for speaking truth to power

    But we see the result of this blood price a country suffering from a 1000 knife wounds too many to innumerate

    Can we recover i think the odds are 50/50

    • I agree, 2016-2022 has been one continuous treasonous coup and insurrection against a duly elected president by several organs of the state, the uni-party, and the main stream media. Not sure about the chances of recovery, but at least now, largely due to the Hunter Biden laptop content, we finally have some visibility into what’s in a hot dog and how they are made.

  3. Your research was invaluable in pointing out what was not going on with russia the senate intel report was another expensive joke

    Question though why didnt you spot danchenko and galkina in all the sifting

  4. So why not sue the govt resources that were a party to this fraud which wasted 5 years of men and materiel and left us in this pitiful state

  5. While I am not surprised at your conclusions about McCrystal, Flynn is a bit of a surprise to me.

    If Flynn were a part of the “Cabal,” any idea why the FBI/DOJ was so aggressive in its pursuit of him?

    • There was no real prosecution and the whole drama of the FBI admitting that he didn’t lie in the 302 was just eye candy designed to create a folk hero. Remember Flynn’s real crime wasn’t laying to the FBI about talking to Kislyak, but, multiple FARA violations including acting as an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey. For some strange reason, the DOJ just dropped all of these charges. These are the same type of charges of laundering money, failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, making false and misleading statements in FARA documents that got Manafort in jail.

      Flynn was doing contract work for the FBI for years and knew the entire senior management team. Also, if he was a real persona non grata with the DoD/administration this would have killed his brother’s military career, but in fact it didn’t, in 2020 he was promoted to a general. Finlay, Flynn and Stone were the architects of the J6 riots, why wasn’t he charged with inciting a riot? All of the J6 prisoners did much less and got heftier sentences.

  6. Yaacov,
    I came so close to going to DC on January 6 because I was pissed off beyond all recognition. When I witnessed the crowds at Trump rallies, the Butler Pa rally in particular which I attended,I felt there was no way in hell that he would lose and to this day still do not believe Biden won. Thankfully I was in Naples Florida on January 6. I have survivors guilt when I here what the folks in the DC jail are going through.
    Not sure I understand how Flynn was involved as I followed hs case closely at the same time reading Sydney Powells book “License to Lie”.
    I am burned out at this point in my life and cant believe how emotionaly involved in the MAGA movement I became. I wish God would grant me a terminal illness ….nothing more

    • The agony/ecstasy you and many others went through after 2020 were baked into the anti-MAGA operations from the get-go. Flynn, Stone, McInerney, Vallely, Waldren, Fanning, and many other republican establishment operators knew that they were/are running a PsyOp. Also, most, if not all of the national “patriotic” organizations like The Patriot Front and Proud Boys were part of these ops. Their goal from the start was to take over/subvert/marginalize the MAGA movement and ensure that no one ever finds out what happened in the 2020 elections (i.e., 2000 Mules, Absolute Proof, etc.).

      Cheer up; what you are experiencing are the after-effects of waking up from a six-year opium-induced sleep. I’m, for once, am optimistic about our political/social future. One of the biggest problems in Intel analysis is identifying who owns/runs the hotdog factory and how they are made. It’s much easier to work out a counter strategy once you know the low-level details. Like with most illnesses, the challenge is an early/accurate diagnosis.

      We need a short and long-term treatments; for the short term, tag bad actors and discredit them. The long-term treatment is a bit more involved as it requires dismantling criminal organizations like the Bidens and Bushs and their death squads AKA the MSM and Deep State.

      Ron DeSantis, the Bush Sock Puppet

      Christina Pushaw Desantis’ Press Sec and Registered Ukrainian Agent

  7. So hunter was hiding purloined documents on his properties you didnt know this musk has opened up the floodgates on the sysgy between state and corporate power along with schellenberger taibbi sway berenson et al you seem about five steps behind

  8. so the narrative about the corvette files, ht clarice feldman, becomes more interesting as miss remus,is married to a deep state player, brett holmgren, maybe the 51st intel signer, but keep chasing desantis squirrel

  9. following up, both pence and pompeo have this pendhant for lying about what general flynn went through, pompeo is more succint but still wrong, it seems odd if they are trying to keep him in good standing, another flaw gleaned from his memoir, which is of the gladhanding variety is not a mention of qatar’s role in information and direct action operations, from the south continent to North Africa,
    which is peculiar for a former director of the cia and secretary of state, to ignore, by contrast jared kushner, did mention qatar, but didn’t seem to realize they were the fly in the ointment, as recent as a year and a half ago, when they brokered the taliban takeover,

    • It’s hard to attribute motive to people like Pompeo and Pence. Especially Pompeo who at any single moment is balancing multiple competing objectives. The problem with Flynn is that he wasn’t prosecuted for a very long list of FARA violations (despite the DOJ having a large file on him). Another clear indication that he’s still submerged inside the system is the fact that his brother Charles was promoted.

      I agree, Qatar is a prime mover in many of our domestic and international affairs. Their influence/targeting includes operations like BLM, the Anti-christian movements, anti-nationalism, and even the transgender movements.

  10. I still think you aren’t right on Jack Maxey; IMO he’s a non-tech literate hot head who didn’t fully comprehend what he was told. especially if he didn’t quite get what an ipad backup is.
    I’m guessing you did get the post 4chan KDC linked teardown data?

    The rest, sure. or I don’t have any strong disagreement, at least.

    PS: as far as I know, you have no reason whatsoever to pay any attention to anything I say or write, and I think you thought I was someone else, anyway.

  11. I think leaving out qatar’s influence, out of memoir is a big thing, the missing piece of the khashoggi story and the winding down of the so called Arab Spring, the resistance to Al Sisi and Haftar. that Salman and Emir Zayed had supported, I didn’t find the gossip that interesting,

    they made Flynn and Manafort an example, don’t sign on to Orange Man, of course Manafort was just the middle man from Akhmatov to Podesta and Weber, who were knee deep in Sberbank and other follies, Akhmatov who along with Rosemont were involved in biological defense operations in Ukraine,

    • Regarding Flynn, I think that what may have initially started as DOJ coercion ultimately turned into willing participation/leadership in all of the anti-Trump active measures. Note that Q started as a foreign commercial influence platform. Flynn/McChrystal re tasked it as a domestic anti-MAGA targeting tool.

  12. they went after flynn, because he is actually good at discerning intelligence, look at all the officially stamped tripe that they feed the rizzoto tray attendees, my skepticism about q is the actually thought there were bureaucrats in positions of power, who care about protecting the nation’s interests, they are few and far between, maybe it’s always been thus at least since dulles, where his private interests were often the basis for public judgements,

  13. Now that the January 6th so called insurrection video has been released thanks to Tucker Carlson, FOX NEWS, proving that the January 6th congressional committee lied and that Nancy Pelosi and her gang of corrupt members are guilty of creating and perpetuating their criminal agenda. The FBI weasel , Christopher Wray says the FBI didn’t infiltrate the crowd and create the so called MOB ACTIONS , WRAY lies all the time, can you use your excellent XR Vision to scan the released videos against known FBI agents as well as other known government agencies?
    It’s a big task, but would certainly prove their guilt .

  14. Sir
    I recognize that you must have enormous demands on your time but there is one aspect of 2020 that has always remained curious to me and would require someone of your capabilities to clear the air.
    Namely the nature of the “Kraken” in the person of one Navid Keshavarz-Nia, considered an extremely respected election cybersecurity expert if you will.

    Find his affidavit here.

    Granted he mentions McInerney and Montgomery, which would seem to disqualify him. But he also as much as confesses to have been involved in electioneering in foreign elections while in US employ. Particularly, and this apparently happened rather often in 2020, to create problems that required fixes (in other words interventions after certification) in the hardware/software devices used to compile results. (One can only image the terror felt by election officials to discover that the damn thing isn’t working right and the election is in 2 days. “Hello hello Dominion. Is there anything you can do to help me please? Yes. Remote access is fine but HURRY!”)

    Also, are these guys on the right track in rebuttal?

    The fact that he seems to be knowledgeable, sincere, and does not seem to belong to the grifter crowd suggests some credibility to me.

    • Hi Mr. Marquart,

      All the people involved in the Kraken initiative are operators; The Kraken is Active Measure/massive grift! For more information about what an Active Measure is, I recommend you read this book. A note regarding the book, most of the information in the book is solid, but the book is a British Active Measure, it’s ultimate purpose is to sell the last chapter, which promotes the false claim of Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 elections.

      Yes, there was fraud in the 2020-2022 elections. But unfortunately, the purpose of most of the high visibility election investigations we’ve seen by the likes of Wood/Flynn/Powell/Byrne/ASOG/TTV wasn’t to find fraud and litigate the truth; it was to create a stupefying shiny object claims like Lindell’s PCAPS in order to divert attention from the actual election issues. The 2000 Mules, the AZ audit, and the PA and GA litigation are just a few of these initiatives.

  15. I’m always conflicted when I read your work; I continuously ask myself “Am I gullible and credulous?” OR “Why does this/that/it sound like it makes so much sense/truth/facts?” …you’re just some guy on the internet, but at the same time, you present such compelling story line, allegation, accusation, claims, evidence, Onus probandi, preponderance, clear and convincing, etc etc. I’ll tell you one thing, I lean more toward your narrative/agenda than I do both sides of MSM. But at the same time…again….my skepticism is thick….nowadays….I don’t know wtf to believe anymore. Adage: “History is written by Victors.” …evil seems to be prevailing in America. Every 250 years, empires fall? Fuck, I’m gonna miss the 2nd Amendment lol smfh.

  16. Are you aware of the Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse site? Curious as to your thoughts on the research and commentary posted there.

  17. john “jack” smith has had surgeries from his love of running races. no doubt he has acquired some prescription painkillers. what can you tell us about his “habits” and is he a puppet because someone has dirt on him?

    • I don’t know anything about Jack’s medical history. Even if it’s true, my advice is not to dig into/publish this type of information as it would constitute a major HIPPA/patient privacy violation.

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