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We don’t often see the fine movement of the political power clockwork, but every so often a little gap in the curtain opens and you get a glimpse of the machinery. Hunter Biden’s laptop is one of these rare insights. After analyzing its content, I can state with certainty that no, there’s no single little man who is pulling the leavers and speaking into the load speaker. Rather, there are legions of gray and faceless bureaucrats, armies of enablers in the media, senior and mid-level management at various LEA, DOJ, IC, State Department, treasury, and swarms of politicians. Each contributing their widow’s mite to prop-up and shield ‘’the big guy’ and his corrupt network, in hope that in return, he will drop a few scraps on their lap. Yes, the travel papers may say a ‘Constitutional Republic’, but, it reality, it’s an oligarchy that is based on the good ol’ lord vassal feudal system.

The following sampling of Hunter’s IMs illustrates what it means to be untouchable.

Child Abuse DrugTexts Details
Image 1: Full text thread of one conversation between Hunter Biden and a family member discussing various topics such as alleged inappropriate sexual conduct with a family minor (Click on image to zoom)

Hunter Biden Text -1
Image 2
: Part-1

Hunter Biden Text -2
Image 3
: Part-2

Hunter Biden Text -3
Image 4
: Part-3

Hunter Biden Text -4
Image 5
: Part-4 (see supporting visual in Image 6)

Visual Nerrative
Image 6
: “Walking around naked, watching porn, masturbating (on a live cam), and doing drugs”

Hunter Biden Text -5
Image 7: Part-5

Child Abuse Texts
Image 8
: Sampling of several other text threads between Hunter Biden and family and business associates alleging inappropriate sexual conduct with a family minor (Click on image to zoom in).  The communications clearly show that his father, mother, and uncle were aware of the charges against him by the mother of the minor but colluded to suppress the evidence

Jim and Hunter Biden Profiles
Image 9: Sampling of two authenticated user profiles who participated in the messaging conversations

A loaded gun
Image 10
: Second conversation confirming Hunter’s gun related incident (see Image 4: Part-3).  “She (Hallie Biden) tossed out the gun where a kid could have blown his sister’s head off”.  In Delaware where this incident took place, the resulting unsafe storage of the handgun was a class A or B misdemeanor

Hunter Biden Affair with SIL
Image 11
: Hunter in a message to another family member referencing the claim (by his wife) that he started his affair with Hallie while his brother was still alive

XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification

Justine Coleman from The Hill is a Manipulative Media Hack
Hunter Biden Laptop Images Are Authentic
50 former intelligence officials warn NY Post story sounds like Russian disinformation – The Hill
Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say – Politico

LFH4 Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children

Stated mission: “We believe that child abuse can be prevented through educating adults and children, developing the next generation of child welfare professionals and strengthening child protection laws around the country.”

** Note: The Beau Foundation board of directors includes luminaries such as the honorable Louis Freeh, who is a former judge and the director of the FBI (1993-2001).

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123 thoughts on “The Hunter Biden Texts

  1. The average person doesn’t know what to say after reading these texts — it’s like looking into a cesspool. What a sad and corrupt family.

    • Folding laundry and tuition caught my eye!
      Great job on this Btw!!
      I love how he throws around big #’s ..I gave her $350,000, spent $400,000 on AMEX? Like its $500 bucks! I’ll switch places w/ ya Hunter!!
      Thanks for doing this I was tired of telling peep “That isn’t Malia!!”

      • “Folding laundry for (with) you” is urban slang for “I want to have wild sex with you”. This has to be the most dysfunctional family in the history of upper tier American politics.

  2. Long text appears to be addressed to his therapist, “***”, blurred out in other texts.

    Very concerning text to ***** regarding “folding clothes”. Wonder whether this is mistaken use of slang term “folding laundry”.

  3. On second review, the long text is to xxxx’s sister. She had heard through the grapevine about the uncomfortable relationship. “Folding laundry” is a slang term for something regularly engaged in by Hunter, such as that depicted on the “webcam” photos. Hunter wanted to exercise this proclivity in a manner to be viewed by a minor.

  4. There’s no proof that Hunter created that PornHub account.
    Hunter’s adult images are online and have been for some time. The Chinese likely had them much for longer.

    Anyone could have uploaded them to PornHub. I could do the same.

    As you have correctly noted, the GNEWS and GT sites that distribute the Hunter images also go 3 steps further and lie about them. (e.g., Obama’s daughter) They are liars and could easily have created this PornHub page which has 2 images and 1 video and no faces.

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