Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service

Biden Grand Auto Thetf Edition

Acts like teleportation and turning invisible require powerful wizardry. Ilich Ramírez Sanchez AKA ‘Carlos the Jackal’, used to perform these types of magic tricks for years. He would execute a complex terror attack or an assassination and then he’d disappear without a trace. He moved freely around Europe, the Middle East, and African under fake identities and use an elaborate network of safe houses. He had access to unlimited cash, high grade explosives, weapons, and authentic travel documents. Yet despite spending millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours, western intelligence was unable to lay their hands on him.

So how exactly did the Jackal’s magic work? It’s simple, he was shielded by the KGB, who collaborated with the intelligence agencies of several Arab countries including Libya and Syria which facilitated his activity. The moment the KGB decided to drop him, the magic ended and he was immediately tracked and arrested.

Hunter Biden’s escapades also resemble this type of magic. His questionable business dealing and practices aside, if you consider the allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, the volumes of cocaine he purchased, the illegal sex solicitation in multiple jurisdictions, and his relationship with some real seedy foreign characters, it’s mind boggling how Hunter didn’t light up a police vice squad radar in every jurisdiction he visited or become the target of a major CI federal probe.

So, what was Hunter’s secret power? It turns out that his ability to walk through walls can be attributed to an all-powerful fixer and enabler service. The composite below may help demystify the question of how he and his family managed to get away with this conduct for years.

Hunter's Personal Fixers
Image 1: “We are at the door. Open it.” A sample IM exchange between Hunter and one of his SS fixers.

A Mystery To Myself 8 15 17

Document 1: Hunter’s poem “A Mystery to Myself”. Written on 8/15/17 at 3:35 AM and the reference to his SS detail

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58 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service

  1. OK, so the head of the LA office of the Secret Service who is texting Hunter refers to a retired but former Assistant Director of the Secret Service (accompanied Joe and Hunter on AF2), and says this is linked to “Celtic”, which is the code name for Joe Biden per numerous publications?

  2. Was the blurred face person Secret Service at the time, or in private business? Since his picture is in H’s phone, seems like there must have been an established relationship. The accompanying person had clearly retired.

    Do any of the pictures of Hunter’s activities correlate to the date of this text exchange?

    Thank you.

  3. Four days later, on May 29, 2018, Rob had a new job as CEO of a Beverly Hills security company. Perhaps Celtic didn’t like the rough treatment of his crack addict son. Or maybe is was just a coincidence. Or maybe it was a promotion. This reads like a Clancy novel.

    I’d sure like to know who at D.C. was calling every 10 minutes. Obama lives there, but most likely head of the SS. The director was Randolph Alles and was fired in April of 2019. Trump called him “Dumbo”.

    Can’t find anything on Dale. Several suspects.

    Yaacov… Does Hunter have a tattoo on his back? James Woods tweeted to search for Hunter Finger Lakes, which I did. Seems as if all his companies have names associated with this region and people are saying the lakes Map are tattooed on his back.

  4. Hunter was clearly a trapped pawn in the larger intelligence community’s game of hijacking US foreign policy. His whole involvement in Ukraine was supervised by Cofer Black, a CIA counterterrorism director who brought him onto Burisma’s board.

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