Hi, My Name Is Tucker Carlson and I’m A Swamp Creature

Angels or Demons

By all accounts, Tucker Carlson is one of the ideological pillars of the conservative thought, a leading patriotic media crusader and the ultimate authority on all matters of political and personal morality. He shares his pontifications nightly on his prime-time Fox sermon hour, exposing them corrupt democrats everywhere. Thank heavens for Tucker who is there 24x7x365 to guard our Republic.

But, it seems that Tucker has a few dark secrets. Little known fact: he is a registered Democrat and despite what he and Hannity spew about the the privileged and corrupt elites, Tucker may actually BE one of the largest swamp creatures himself.

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Documents 1-5: Tucker Carlson, Hunter Biden’s enabler and the likely reason why he dropped the coverage of the laptop and inexplicably lost the USB flash drive with the damning evidence just prior to the 2020 elections. The context of the third letter is Hunter using Tucker to spike the story (which was true) that Hunter was regularly using Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife Kathleen

The Sound of Crickets
Dear Mr. Hannity, you’ve had a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop for a while now; back in January, you stated that this content will ‘shock the soul of this nation’. I’m curious, why is it that Fox has not published/addressed the above documents yet?

*** Update 06-29-2021 ***
Tucker now claims that the NSA is spying on him and is trying to get his show off the air. The NSA in-turn, denied his allegations.


On his Tuesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, he called the NSA denial “infuriatingly dishonest” and “an entire paragraph of lies written purely for the benefit of the intel community’s lackeys at CNN and MSNBC”.

My take on this is that Tucker is a sleazy narrative engineer who makes a living playing both sides. In this context, his allegations against the NSA are desperate attempts at damage control. The above mentioned emails have the potential to damage his conservative reputation, so, instead of addressing them and explaining why he shielded the Bidens during the elections, he makes himself the victim and goes after the big bad NSA.

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6 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is Tucker Carlson and I’m A Swamp Creature

  1. First of all I really like the new web design. It’s much better to navigate and I wished for something just like this, only it’s better than I wished for.

    I used to watch Tucker quite a bit. I found his monologues quite compelling, but when it came to questioning it lacked a great deal. It became really annoying when he had that ‘stupefied’ look when people answered his questions. Then we found out it was all from a ‘Script Writer’. I should have realized that since is the norm in media circles. Maybe it’s time for the script writer to have the show, or is it because Tucker has a better delivery reading a script.

  2. We live in a world of swamp creatures, some are in your face while others hide in your pants. Still others are safe and cozy where your money is. None of us are as pure as the driven snow, so many of us compromise and choose the lesser of many evils (like Trump or DeSantis).
    Know thyself, know thy enemy and know true leadership when it arises. It rarely does, and it’s value is unpriceable.

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