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Category: whitewashing

The Russians Made me Do It

I have looked high and low, but it seems that none of the guardians of virtue have anything to say about the dirty deeds of the smartest guy Joe knows…

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From Russia with Love

Tom Clancy on a ton of Ritalin couldn’t make this stuff up. In 2018-2019, Hunter Biden spent hours and thousands of dollars on in-person and two-way video sex chats and acts with Russian girls, all while under FSB/SVR surveillance…

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Hunter Biden’s Personal Fixer Service

Don’t Biden acts like life-long immunity from prosecution require powerful wizardry and magic? They sure do! And that’s what the praetorian guard AKA the Secret Service, DOJ, FBI, and the intelligence community is for.

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How to Solicit with a Mouse Click

It seems that fate has a well-developed sense of irony as during one of his paid sex hookups, Hunter Biden can be heard listening to a TV program in which President Trump talks about the evils of the sexual exploitation of women.

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