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Category: deception

Our New Tammany Hall Bosses

Apparently the Biden’s Tammany Hall magic was quite powerful and Ho managed to win the court room lottery. He was sentenced to three years, a far lighter sentence than the 10-20 year term under the sentencing guidelines.

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It’s All About Climate Change, Man!

So next time some celebrity tells you just how important climate change is, tell them that you would like to learn more about the subject when they invite you to use their private jet or yacht.

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Ripping Off Google

It seems that if necessity is the mother of invention, then revenue from high internet traffic is the granddaddy of the con. Site sponsored advertising practice has now become so popular that many clever enterprising individuals and larger organizations are running large campaigns for site scams know as MFA (made for AdSense). These scraper sites are siphoning tens of millions of dollars from the likes of Google.

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The Anti-Virus Virus

Another interesting observation—which is not without its irony—is that large vendors such as Microsoft are completely unaware of the malware distribution platforms and are aggressively purchasing advertising space on these sites.

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