Zach Vorhies, The Face of a Provocation

Zach Vorhies The Face of a Provocation

Zach Vorhies, the self-proclaimed Google whistleblower, has become the toast of conservative media and polite society. Since opportunistically ending his gig with YouTube, he’s been on a whirlwind tour with back-to-back interviews, pressing flesh and kissing babies. Somehow, he has managed to find time in his busy schedule to co-write a book entitled: “A Story of Big Tech Censorship and Bias and the Fight to Save Our Country and magically secure a distribution deal with Simon & Schuster.

Simon & Schuster

I work in the AI space and so I naturally got excited when I heard that Vorhies published some internal Google documents that proport to describe the innerworkings of their search AI. But alas, my excitement about getting some freebees was short lived. Unlike real leaks like Vault 7, Vorhies delivered a nothing burger. His secret cache of internal Google documents shows evidence of fabrication and lacks any real technical value.

As patriotic as Vorhies’ pitch may sound, there are several structural problems with his whistleblower cover story. For example, he claims to have been a senior developer at Google but his actual work experience amounts to little more than a junior position with YouTube. His claim to have intimate knowledge of the low-level workings of the Google search engine architecture is also suspect to say the least.

The fact that Google suppresses conservative content/individuals and uses spiked search algorithms is not news, this was proven years ago. However, what is news worthy about Vorhies is that his operation is likely a provocation that is designed to blow up/discredit any conservative who gets within the blast radius.

Zach Vorhies
Image 1
: Vorhies in action

If you are considering promoting or associating yourself with Vorhies, here are a few curious points that you might want to consider before you climb into his car bomb:

    1. Vorhies held a junior position with YouTube performing light duty maintenance coding work (essentially the equivalent to taking out the garbage and sweeping the stairs). This is a far cry from his claim of having intimate and low-level working knowledge of the AI Google uses in its search platform. Interestingly, no one at Google (including any woke coworkers) has challenged him publicly about his professional ‘qualifications’.
    2. None of the documents he published provides any real technical insight into the Google algorithms and the ML they use.
    3. Google never sued him for violating his employment contract nor for the publication of what he claims are sensitive and confidential internal documents (both a violation of an NDA and potential IP theft).
    4. Google never got a court injunction to block the publication of his book which supposedly spills the beans on their diabolical plan to conquer the world.
    5. Vorhies rose to stardom overnight without any vetting. In fact, his chief agent/promoter is a leading Pizzagate disinformation artist. Just like in the case of Mike Lindell’s whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, and their fraudulent Ultimate Proof claims, no one has certified Vorhies nor his data.
    6. His content seem to be immune to censorship and it’s still widely circulating on all SM platforms including his YouTube channel (with over 1,5K subscribers and growing).

And then there is this little problem of Vorhies being a rabid, homicidal, and over the top anti-Semite. Mind you, this is not something Vorhies whispers quietly, he proclaims it loudly from the rooftops and on his public Twitter account “@Perpetualmaniac” via statements like:

    1.  Zionists” murdered conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart (who actually died of heart failure in 2012).
    2. “Israel and the zionist cabal planned 9/11 and its going to all come out”

Zach Vorhies Zionists

The problem that I have with Vorhies’ anti-Semitic persona is that it’s synthetic. Yes, there are plenty of Jew haters out there that openly profess their views. But, Vorhies’s is an anomaly, he doesn’t fit the classification of the Periplaneta Americana Antisemitica (the common anti-Semitic cockroach). It also seems that when he finally does take a break from preaching the Protocol, he relaxes by promoting QAnon and Pizzagate disinformational garbage.

Zach Vorhies QAnon

Vorhies is 24x7x365 amp 11 donkey on the edge. The man doesn’t take bathroom/cigarette/coffee breaks and from his appearance it doesn’t look like he sleeps either. Regardless of the time/day of the week, this patriotic crusader is always in character acting out the role of an anti-Semitic caricature and a tinfoil hat conspiracist.

So, what does it all mean? My take on Zach Vorhies is that he is an agent provocateur and the whole Google whistleblower legend is provocation. That is probably why, despite constantly posting vile content, he hasn’t been blocked by Twitter, Simon and Schuster continue to distribute his book, and the various SM platforms allow his content to circulate. That is also the likely reason why Mr. Greenblatt from the ADL hasn’t cried Oy gevalt! Or has fallen on his sword yet. Yes, the people in Google are laughing their buttkes off each time Vorhies tweets about the baby eating Jewish cabal, publishes through Project Veritas, or briefs some conservatives politicians about his cache of top-secret Google documents.

If you are still not sure who this digital Balaam is, here is the man in his own words:


And yes, you heard it correctly, Vorhies does have a preference for dating Russian Jewish girls.

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12 thoughts on “Zach Vorhies, The Face of a Provocation

  1. Sounds like another Protocols believer. I sure never imagined him that way, and I hadn’t paid him much attention since he first came on the scene. There are some other popular personalities on social media who are affiliated with these ‘type’ of people.I have one particular person in mind. The average person really has no idea how pervasive anti-semitism is throughout the culture.

  2. In the current era of “truth as disinformation” and massive cognitive dissonance from all information sources (intentional and not), all manner of strange manifestations emerge. This is why we have rationale. At least some of us still do. To sort the wheat from the chaff, and connect the correct dots which form the bigger picture.

  3. Something about him rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning, but I had never paid much attention to him. Then I started seeing many conservatives and people on the right sharing his posts a lot. I observed that his content followed what I would consider to be the typical cornucopia of disinformation that is often used to make conservatives look stupid and ridiculous. It seems my suspicions have been confirmed…

    • Yep, he glowed from day one…Another example of this phenomenon is Dr Andrew Kaufman. He doesn’t even think SARS-Cov2 is a real virus but he still has a Twitter account.

  4. Speaking of active measures are these the same Ryan Faircloth:

    Linked In image:
    Daily Beast Image:

    It’s close, their noses are the same. If the linked in picture is from 10 years ago then the hair could be the same, ie he’s now balding.

    • It’s hard to tell with certainty without doing some additional vetting. Keep in mind that just because a face looks similar doesn’t mean that it’s the same person. A good indicator of an imagery based active measures is that they always fail to identify the source of the comparison image.

  5. I have known Zach for many years. He has embarked on many diverse endeavors to find meaning, purpose, and notoriety. I believe Zach landed on the qanon-big-tech-whistleblower thing because he received the most positive reinforcement and external validation, which he had not received for his other projects that he poured his heart and soul into. I am confident that he has narcissistic personality disorder and I genuinely hope he finds what he needs to be happy in life, without causing harm.

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