The Illustrated Primer

Tag: Hunter Biden Laptop

The Disinformation Cockroaches

The cockroaches crawled out of the swamp in the night,
The USG and MSM conspired with them with delight;
The facts checkers drowned the truth in lies,
Crowing a corrupt senile usurper in disguise.

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The Birth of the American Weimar Republic

The US intelligence community knew that the Hunter Biden laptop was authentic but con$pired with the MSM/DOJ to give the 2020 election to Joe Biden and defrauded the American people by $igning the Russian disinformation letter.

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The AI Raven

In the exclusive club where the DC swamp meets, an AI Raven above their door seats. To the defaming fact-checkers and truth-wreckers, the Raven replies: “The Bidens are corrupt and ought to be stopped.”

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