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Murder, She Wrote?

“I had information yesterday that compelled me to write you. If you want to cure him or save him a slow death, then you better have him taken away from home immediately…”

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I accuse you Governer Cuomo of professional negligence raising to the level of manslaughter…

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It wasn’t Sexual Assault

If you analyze the tweet, what Komi is insinuating is that due to the female anatomy, Biden couldn’t perform this act, unless, that is, Read allowed him to do it.

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Eric Leaks

There are a number of images circulating online that incorrectly identify various individuals as the Ukraine call leaker Eric Ciaramella. If you are interested in Ciaramella’s photo, you can find it in Mechanics of Deception (in on of the links) or at the bottom of this post.

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Is You is or is You Ain’t Ilhan Omar?

I’ve been asked by a number of people if the images seen in the video of the October 11 Minnesota riots that took place during President Trump’s rally show Ilhan Omar, Tim Mynett, and Isra Hirsi.

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