Do You Need A Social Media Boost?

Give me a boost

Does your future career as an anti-second amendment activist need a boost?  Do you feel like the progressive anti-gun lobby could use more self-righteous leaders like you? Is standing on the graves of victims just not doing enough for your political ambitions? Or perhaps, you just exhausted your 15 minutes of fame and need to buy more time?

Self-Inflicted-Injuries-Inc is the industry leader in creating high-impact fictitious threats. Over the years, we have helped many gun-control celebrity activists—like Jussie Smollett—achieve their objective to remain relevant. Let us help you with your next cynical posturing initiative.

With our proven process, you will be able to boost your social media traffic and get that much-coveted nod of approval from Bill, Hillary, Beto, Nancy, and Joe.

To use our method, just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Download this decal and print it with some suggestive text about someone threatening you with gun violence. We suggest you use vague language and a lot of ellipses (…) to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement.
  2. Place the note under your car’s windshield wiper and take a picture of it.
  3. Publish the picture on your favorite SM platform and add some text a long the lines of:“Debated whether to share this, & after a lot of thought here it is,”

    “Last week I’m leaving my home for work & I find this paper under my windshield. One does not have to see the rest of the sentence that was covered to understand the intent of this message, a Death Threat!”

  4. Now, sit back, and enjoy the likes and supportive feedback.

Joseph Sakran the Arab Gun Control Activis
Image 1: Joseph Sakran – the man, the legend, and his activist linkage

Note to User: It is critical that you don’t take multiple pictures of the note before and after you place it under the wiper blade. Doing so, may ruin the entire effect by creating a visual history of the age progression of the note. Remember! The note can’t look less wrinkled after you remove it from the windshield. If you must crease the paper (for that extra authentic look) do it horizontally or vertically, don’t create a diagonal crease because it looks fake. Also, it’s better not to take the picture of the note on the windshield inside your house garage, the one with the advanced ADT home Intrusion detection system and the CCTV camera. Doing so may raise pesky questions about how the imaginary perpetrator got into your garage undetected and why you don’t have a picture of him.

Joseph Sakran and the missing wrinkles
Image 2: Sakran’s garage and security system and the mystery of his appearing and disappearing paper wrinkles, missing wiper blade marks, and the strange diagonal paper crease on the note

Sample Creese Training Set
Image 3: Sampling from over 2700 specimens of paper creases used to train the ML model to analyze Sakran’s print. The AI flagged the shallow diagonal crease on the print as an anomaly

References and Sourcing
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Jospeh Sakran’s Gun Death Threat – Link to original Tweet

Joseph Sakran the Note
Image 3: Screenshot of the original tweet

I need a boost gun Image

Image 4: A free gun violence clipart (just copy and paste it into your death threat note)

© Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “Do You Need A Social Media Boost?

  1. You left out the fact that he tried witch hunt to destroy Dr. Kyle Varner, have his state license revoked so he could never work in his career again, You see Dr. Varner has the audacity to agree with the NRA that doctors should stay in their own lane. Dr. Sakran with other progressive doctors began to tar and feather Dr. Kyle Varner on social media, including reporting him to his medical board and place of employment.

    • Hi Victoria,

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t know about Sakar’s relationship with Mr. Varner, but what you are alleging doesn’t surprise me at all. From the little investigation that I’ve done, Sakran’s gun control stand is an opportunist cynical manipulation campaign that is driven by what he believes will get him into big-time politics. There is very little ideology there. This is also in line with what most of the American Arab leaders like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and their close friends are sying. You may want to check out the post titled “The Red-Green Alliance and the Real Devil of Mogadishu” and “Toxic Masculinity My Foot!” for more details.

      As you can also see from the image below, the same progressive leaders (which are now fully in control of the Democratic party), that promote the strict gun control laws and the confiscation of AR-15s, collect AK-47s and regularly train with the Muslim militias in preparation for the ‘upcoming’ revolution.

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