The Georgia Ballot Underground Railroad

The Georgia Ballot Underground Railroad

The following composites and details should help explain the context of the CCTV footage from the November 3rd ballot count in Fulton County, Georgia.

The video shows a four camera FOV of suite 604, the ballot processing room at the State Farm Arena. At 10:58:05 p.m., as the crew was finishing the clean-up at the end of the day, Ralph Jones, the floor supervisor (the bald man in a red shirt) received several calls on his cell phone. Shortly after his second call, he and another woman with black hair and blond braids (Shaye Moss) begun removing four rolling transport ballot boxes from under a black cloth covered table at the center of the room. At 11:02:52 p.m., they distribute the ballot trays from the boxes between four work stations. The ‘special’ count task force that consists of five individuals then starts feeding the ballots to four scanners. The ballot counting continued for close to two hours (112 minutes) and ended at about 12:58 a.m.

Running various video analytics such as motion pattern analysis on the footage yielded multiple evidence that the ‘special’ midnight count was pre-planned and carefully timed, it’s also clear from the 116 minute segment that the team sprinted through the ballot scanning process to reach some kind of a goal and or deadline.

CCTV 360
Image 1: A composite of 4 CCTV field of views of the ballot counting room in suite 604. The location of the table under which the 4 ballot storage boxes were kept, and several key events that took place prior to the ‘special’ ballot count

People, Activity, and Props
At 11:02 p.m., when the 4 ballot storage boxes were taken out, there were 7 individuals in the room. The state of the tables in the room shows that only 4 out of the 24 were in use and that there was no visible ballot processing/counting activity beyond the 4 designated tables that are clustered at the top right corner of Image 1. At 11:04 p.m., two additional individuals left for the night (POI-6 and POI-7). The only ballots scanning that ensued during the midnight session were the ones taken from under table in the middle of the room. A fifth ballot storage box under the table was pulled out, opened, but wasn’t processed. Of note is that the ballots that came from under the table had already been ‘pre-processed’ and were placed flat in the trays in preparation for scanning.

The ballot boxes taken from under the table were locked and required the use of keys to open them. It may be relevant that not all ballot boxes in the room were kept locked.

USPS MM Ballot Tray
Image 2: Fulton county ballots in boxes and the USPS trays used to hold them. Each of the 4 rolling transport ballot boxes under the table contained about 6000 ballots (each tray with 500-2000 ballots)

The Fulton County Election A Team
Image 3: The A Team: Ruby Freeman, her daughter Shaye Moss, and the floor supervisor Ralph Jones Sr. (the Registration Chief at Fulton County Government). Of note is that Jones has a history of ‘mismanagement’ and poor moral judgment

Water Leaks and the Official Stop Time of 10:30-11:00 p.m.
With respect to the events on Nov 3rd, the termination of the counting activity in the room and the presence of the skeleton staff didn’t correlate to the alleged leaking water pipe narrative. Robb Pitts and Ralph Jones told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the pipe burst at 6:07 a.m. and was repaired within two hours around 8 a.m. The burst water pipe media coverage is interesting because it illustrates a typical disinformation campaign. In less than 12 hours, the non-existent burst pipe morphed several times into a water main break, an overflowing urinal, and a leaky toilet. From the event timeline, it’s unlikely that even if there was an initial water leak, that it had anything to do with the claimed 2-4 hour delay and the evacuation of staff and observers that took place almost 15 hours later. Of note is that the initial claim of an alleged burst water pipe wasn’t even mentioned by county officials during their 10 a.m. press conference.

There is some confusion about the official statements of the intent to stop the ballot count at 10:00-11:00 p.m. There are at least two confirmed statements about this plan and both came from Ralph Jones the floor supervisor. The first was made on the morning of Nov 3rd by Jones to the AJC stating that 10:30 p.m. would be EOD. The second was made by Jones at about 6:35 p.m. during an emergency call with the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections (see Audio 1 at 01:45:00). Its noteworthy that during the emergency evening call with the Fulton county board none of the six officials on the call challenged Jones about his plan to shutdown the count at 10-11 p.m. and accepted it as fact.

Fulton County Board of Registration & Elections Leadership
Image 4: The leadership team of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections present on the call with Ralph Jones

The footage confirms the shutdown plans and shows that as Jones advertised throughout the day, the room was cleared at about 10:48 p.m. It is also clear that five members of the midnight count team (that included Jones, Freeman, and Moss) had no intention of leaving as they continued to loiter in the room waiting for the Republican observers to leave. Moss, for example, was keeping busy dusting/wiping off the tables and walking around with little apparent purpose.

Estimate of the Number of Processed Ballots During the Midnight Count
It’s hard to calculate the exact number of ballots that came from the rolling boxes, but, a rough estimate that is based on 4 boxes (~500-3K ballots per box), the scanner speed/throughput (3K per hour), and the user motion associated with feeding the scanner yields a range of 6K-24K ballots. Obviously, without the proper controls (like duplicate ID detection) and supervision, these ballots could have also been scanned multiple times (some of which were).

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss
Image 5: The identity and relationship confirmation for two persons seen in the CCTV footage in suite 604. Two of the individuals took part in the removal of the 4 rolling transport ballot boxes and the resumption of the ballot count. The two are Ruby Freeman, an election worker and a democratic activist and her daughter, Shaye Moss who was a team election supervisor

Robb Pitts and mobile voting project
Image 6: Ruby Freeman promoting Ralph Jones’ boss. Robb Pitts one of the sources of the leaking pipe story

Pesky Questions
Over the past few days I’ve heard a lot of interesting and false theories like Ben Handrick’s disinformation movie about the GA ballots (1, 2, 3, 4). But, what is ostensibly missing are the fundamental answers from the Clouseau investigators who were combing the ground for clues of election fraud are simple questions like:

  1. Why did Rick Barron, suddenly change his mind about the EOD count and instructed Ralph Jones to resume the count at 11:00 p.m. after almost everyone left for the day?
  2. Why did the daily count had to stop at 10:30 p.m. in the first place?
  3. What was the net gain/loss for each candidate from this midnight count?
  4. Why were the four ballot boxes stored under the table and not with the rest of the ballot storage boxes next to the walls and processing tables?
  5. Whey were the boxes locked, while other non-processed ballot boxes were kept open?

Final thoughts
My problem with the ‘special’ late night ballot count is not that it took place late at night (the count should have been uninterrupted until completion), but, that it was riddled with anomalies. Here are a few examples:


  1. Sitting and waiting – the four ballot transport boxes set under the table without being processed. This is despite the fact that Jones (the election supervisor) knew about them and had plenty of processing capacity to scan them hours earlier.
  2. Ready but not willing – the ballots were pre-processed. They were ‘taken out’ of their mailing envelopes, certified as valid, and were ready to be scanned. Yet, Jones decided to deviate from the ballot processing procedure and set them aside. Storing these ballots under the table doesn’t match the other ballot storage patterns. Ruby can also be seen supervising the placement of the boxes under the table and It certainly seems like she has some affinity to them.
  3. Manager vs. worker– Jones (the ‘man in red’ in Image 1) spent part of his day personally unpacking ballot envelopes instead of supervising the floor and improving the ballot scanning performance and accuracy. Why was he himself doing the manual pre-processing despite having excess worker capacity for this function?
  4. The transformation – When Jones got the call to re-mobilize the ballot count, his otherwise laid back team which has been scanning an average of 20K ballot per day (see Audio 1), suddenly, transformed into Olympic sprinters who were able to increase their output capacity in a record time. This raises some questions about the sudden outburst in motivation.
  5. Dungeons & Dragons the ballot edition – From the footage seen in “Ruby Freeman-Instegram update” it is clear that Fulton County was ‘adjudicating’ ballots out of sight and without any supervision as early as October 19. Ruby can be seen sitting on her own in a cubicle with boxes of ballots (with many more in the corridors). It’s not entirely clear what controls were put in place to prevent a ballot processors from exploiting the system.

Audio 1: 11/3/2020 6:30 p.m. Fulton County Board of Elections call with Ralph Jones

Politics aside, it’s possible that all of these issue have a logical explanation and nothing nefarious happened there. But it’s also possible that this is just the tip of the fraud iceberg. It would take very little skilled investigative resources and a bit of SIGINT, to either confirm or deny the voting fraud claims. An independent digital scan of the GA ballots images (which can be downloaded from multiple sources in a minute) would quickly help confirm the voting numbers. This scan would also be able to easily pickup show stoppers such as homemade ballots, ones that lack a fold line (i.e. ones that were never mailed), or signature by a person other than the voter.

It would behoove all parties if the feds appoint a special counsel to factually get to the bottom of this ASAP, because, If they don’t, this event will enter the history books as the defining example of voter fraud and destroy public trust in electronic voting in the US.

References and Sourcing
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Ruby Freeman voice confirmation
Image 7: Speech pattern confirmation for a known Ruby Freeman source vs. the audio from the Red Ruby footage

Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

171 thoughts on “The Georgia Ballot Underground Railroad

  1. Is there a source for the claim that Fulton had been planning to stop counting at 1030?
    Had they announced this beforehand ? If so when?

    • Hi Remington,

      All the statements regarding the voting activity came from the county officials. The source of the 10:30 p.m. counting stop statement (see below) came from Robb Pitts, the Fulton Commission Chairman.

      “They planned to stop scanning absentee ballots at 10:30 p.m. and pick it up back in the morning. No official could explain before press time why Fulton was stopping its count of absentee ballots at that time, only saying that was the procedure.”

      Nov 3, 2020 By Ben Brasch, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

      Based on the footage from the room it is also clear that they followed the 10:30 p.m. shutdown procedure. As you can clearly see the crew is prepping to head out, that is, until one of the two supervisors (the bald guy with the red shirt) gets a phone call at 10:58:05 p.m and is instructed to resume the count.

      • my point in my question is that I dont believe there was any pre-planned procedure for a 1030 pm shutdown/send everyone home. This is a post-facto CYA explanation given by Pitts. In the AJC article of November 4th, there is no mention of such a pre-planned procedure, just of the boiler room pipe burst. After that story was debunked, they pivoted to the ‘this was pre-planned’ and ‘procedure’ blah blah. I call BS.

        Such a procedure would run afoul of Georgia election law prohibiting adjournment or postponement of election counting, anyway.

      • The source for the plan to stop at 10:30 p.m. is a November 3 article by AJC. The source for this was Ralph Jones.

        “They [Ralph and co.] planned to stop scanning absentee ballots at 10:30 p.m. and pick it up back in the morning. No official could explain before press time why Fulton was stopping its count of absentee ballots at that time, only saying that was the procedure.”

        I think that the public announcement about EOD/EOB/COB at10:30 p.m. was intentional and used as the official pretense to kick everyone out of the room. You can even see Ralph with his jacket on as everyone is leaving suggesting that he was on his way out as well. Then, the call came in, at which point, he took his jacket off and sprung into action.

      • Mr. Apelbaum, I do believe that election fraud occurred all over the country. However, I think that you do a disservice to your readers by omitting the video coverage that shows the ballots on the long table being put in the cases and then the cases being put under the table, during the prep to close down the operation for the night. Your sample of the video skips these important details! You should fix this issue right away in the interest of truth and the FULL story!

      • My intent in posting the information wasn’t to publish an encyclopedic collection of all video, imagery, text, and linkages, but to provide a general overview of the people and events that transpired prior/during the midnight vote tabulation.

        Several (but not all) points regarding the ballot boxes under the table have been addressed in the post. The video snippet of the storage activity that I published was intended to show that the placement of these boxes was closely supervised, prioritized by the task force team (Freeman, Moss, and Jones) and that the ballots in these boxes likely had some ‘special’ purpose.

    • Yes, somebody zoomed and posted this in Youtube:
      BUT he didn’t see that the lady in yellow did exactly the same thing, counting three times her stack.
      In the original video other tables could be seen.
      Maybe you, Yaacov, could get a better image of this evidence with your XRvision software?

      Excellent work, thank you for it.

  2. Well I guess if you know all the ballots in the 4 boxes are exactly the same you would just keep scanning the same pile to save time and get the fraudulent vote count higher with less effort.

    • Thanks for your comment Andrew.

      Looks like an interesting pattern, but these are aggregate numbers that someone collated. The NYT is not the most credible source of any information…To get the actual figures, the numbers would have to be pulled (via forensic audit) directly from the floor scanners and tabulation machines.

      • Yaacov, great work. You may be interested in this analysis of the Fulton count using precinct-level time series data from Edison. The author’s conclusion is that a batch of ballots “substantially more favorable for Biden than all the other batches from Fulton” was reported at 01:36. The author also notes “The 1:36 AM batch is almost exclusively from precincts which, despite being biased towards Biden, are moderate relative to the other precincts. The votes reported at this time are sharply biased towards Biden. The small size of the batch is also unusual for Fulton County.”

      • Seems from te above audio and the counts at 12/4 at 00:18 And then a massive batch of 162,759 votes at 1:34 am those numbers from the call indicate an incredible number of votes were countered in a short period of time. Like the whole total was exceeded for the time frame! Some comments, from my printing days:

        Paper should be watermarked by the printer. Type of paper which was used by the printer, in millions of priinted ballots should be understood and validated my the manufacturer.
        The in ink would be in letterpress, not if a copier was used, in dot matrix. By microscopic examination and determine what print method was used.
        I am sure that can see from the scanners if the documents are scanned twice/three times or more. I bet the have a sequence number and you mentioned that duplication detection was turned off.

        A simple review of the batches would show what happened. Someone doesn’t want the truth. .

        .You have absolutely freaked me out! If what is said is true, it is a coup. And the media is in on it.

        And I know you personally very well. I have no doubt regarding your accuracy and veracity.

      • Thanks for your comment Mitch,

        I agree, even a superficial audit would pickup these and other items. But, It’s unlikely to happen without a court orders, and we are running out of time for that…

        There is little doubt that the media was on it. The whole ‘burst pipe’ narrative was generated and promoted by the MSM.

  3. What I want to see/know – WHO placed the 4 suitcases under the table and WHEN. I believe Shaye placed the table in the room mat 8:22 a.m. – But did it already have the suitcases underneath it? Who put those ballots there – that seems to be the question nobody is asking and seems crucial to me. Anybody know? They had footage rolling all day so it must be on tape.

    • Hi David,

      Not sure which part of the story is false. What the MSM and legions of fact-checkers argued is that: (1) the boxes under the table where not ‘suitcases’, that (2) they didn’t come from the ‘outside’, and (3) the stated claim that the boxes’ location under the table and the late-night processing was just part of the normal counting activity.

      My problem is not the definition of the boxes (suitcases vs. ballot storage containers), the argument that the boxes came from the outside (they didn’t), or that this was the normal ballot counting, but, that the entire process was non-organic and riddled with anomalies. For example:

      1. The 4 ballot transport boxes set locked under the table for hours without being processed. This is despite the fact that Ralph Jones (the floor supervisor) knew about them and had plenty of processing capacity to count them hours earlier. Why lock them and keep them under the table? Why not move them to one of several the high speed processing stations that were available in the room?

      2. The ballots were pre-processed. They were taken out of their mailing envelopes, certified as valid, and were ready to be scanned. Yet, Ralph decided to deviate from the regular ballot processing pipeline and set them aside.

      3. Ralph spent part of his day personally unpacking ballot envelopes instead of supervising the floor. He was doing the manual work himself despite having excess worker capacity.

      4. When the call to re-mobilize the count came at about 11 p.m, Ralph’s laid back gang, who has been taking it easy most of the day, suddenly was able to finish thousands of ballots in a record time. What was the motivation for doing this? And if you are already so motivated and are working past midnight, why not finish all of the ballots.

      This is just a small sampling of issues. If you follow the preponderance of the evidence and evaluate the decision makers involved (Ralph Jones and his boss Rick Barron have a history of alleged ballot fraud and other moral improprieties), it’s clear that there are some major structural problems with this entire event.

      All these allegations can be resolved in minutes with a secondary ballot scan a, little SIGINT and HUMIT. Someone just needs to step up to the plate and do their job.

  4. How gutless is the republican party in Georgia? First off, if this RINO Gov and Sec of State lose the presidency and both senate seats they are TOAST. Secondly, how the hell does the republican party do absolutely NOTHING whatsoever in stopping a repeat performance in the January runoff? The first sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. They act more like Democrats than what a Republican is supposed to stand for!

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure about the political angles, but the same seems to also apply to the administration in general. The whole LG Flynn and Ukrainian affairs could have been easily avoided if the WH just fired/persecuted a bunch of people in the Pentagon and at the NSC.

  5. No one is talking about an elephant in the room. Where is the video showing the bins being previously placed under the black-tableclothed table? If none exists, how did they get there?

    It is notable that the black-tableclothed table in question was (probably intentionally) placed EXACTLY under the surveillance camera, making it impossible to see all sides of the table from any one camera. Is it coincidence that it is next to the tan-tableclothed (wheeled?) table? The presence of the second table may have provided cover to load or switch bins from under the tan-tableclothed table without being seen.

    Add to that the fact that Ruby appears to repeatedly scan the same stack she unloaded, and the fact that they clearly strategized to get the room down to just the A-Team, and you have enough to call the 1am upload’s oversized Biden percentage into question.

    I may have missed it, but what do people think was going on with the separate “hand-off” video? Ruby hands Shay a USB drive, and she slips it to Lawrence Sloan (of the famed ballot crumple video – hmm). Was it a tabulation tally of a pro-Trump area, like the other USB drives “found” during the recount in other counties, such that its removal would deep-six a block of thousands of Trump votes?

    • The bins were placed there by the ballot crew and were directed by Ruby Freeman to do so. One issue is that they should have been processed earlier (they were already certified for scanning at about 8:00 PM). Also, as you can see from in the footage, they shouldn’t have been under the table. The ballot storage boxes were kept at the perimeter of the room next to the scanning stations.

  6. Compelling. The amount of effort trying to avoid transparency says a lot.

    Thanks for your hard work, investigative analysis, and commentary. Well done!

  7. Great work. I’ve seen a couple of these breakdowns and I believe there is some unnecessary ambiguity around the announcement of a leak and it’s impact on the departure of the media and the observers.

    There was ZERO speculation from this breaking report by CBS News on election night.

    And I quote:

    “…they’re having a BIG PROBLEM COUNTING some of the votes.”

    “…there is now a HITCH IN THE TABULATION OF VOTES.”

    “A WATER PIPE HAS BROKEN inside the arena.”

    “…ALL of the tabulation of those [absentee] ballots has NOW STOPPED.”

    “We’re told BY ELECTION OFFICIALS they may not finish tabulating those votes for A DAY OR TWO.”

    “that is because, again, a WATER PIPE HAS BROKEN in State Farm Arena…..and now the tabulation HAS STOPPED.”

    #1 – WHO made this report?
    #2 – WHAT prompted this call, since we now know for certain that a water pipe did NOT burst?
    #3 – WHEN exactly was this report made? Upload date was November 3rd, so it was definitely before midnight on election day.
    #3 – WHERE did CBS News get these details from that were obviously false?
    #4 – WHY would the election officials NOT send observers and media home if they told major news outlets they were stopping the ballot counting for the night due to a broken water pipe? What purpose would there be for having them stick around?

  8. Please review the videos again for one more interesting feature. Watch the 2 women in the upper left as they scan ballots. Watch each one individually, giving your full attention in each case, and see if they do not take the same stack of ballots out of the scanner and then re-insert them into the machine again a 2nd time and again a 3rd time? This, to me, is much more damning than simply counting secret ballots secretly, as it betrays intent to defraud the system without any plausible excuse.

    • Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the video analytics suggests that the ballots were fed into the scanner multiple times. The likelihood of Ruby’s successive scans of the same batch is mentioned in my post.

    • Brilliant. The good old US & A is so backward that they design ballots for electronic scanning that can be scanned (counted) more than once.

      Come on, if you believe that I have a bridge in Sydney to sell you, going cheap.

      Seriously, the ballots would have unique identifiers, probably a QR code, that prevent them from being countered more than once, if scannned again.

      • Thank you for your comment Mr. Larsen.

        In my post, I’ve written ” Obviously, without the proper controls (like duplicate and unique ID detection) and supervision, these ballots could have also been scanned multiple times (they were at Ruby Freeman’s station).”

        The ballot that I personally used for voting this year didn’t have a noticeable UID. I don’t know for sure if the GA ballots did or not. But even if they did, bypassing the software limitations on duplicate detection is a trivial problem.

      • If that were the case, why do the Dominion machines require discarding a partial scan of a batch of ballots in the event of a jam, then rescanning the batch after doing so? If the operator doesn’t discard the previously scanned ballots and rescans, they will be counted more than once.

      • Hi John,

        Without doing a full functionality testing on these machines (both automated and manual) it’s impossible to make any certain claims about how reliable they are and what kind of ballot processing logic they follow. So, unless someone can show me a specific machine that they tested and certified and I can verify these test myself, you can safely assume that anything is possible on these devices including multi-scanning, blank scanning, partial scanning, database manipulation, reprogramming/substitution of on board logic, audit log manipulation, etc.

        Keep in mind that the Dominion machines are non hardened and poorly secured computers. If you are motivated and have physical access to these devices they can be breached and compromised in minutes.

  9. There was one video on twitter of Ruby Freeman wheeling some cart around the room., appeared to be in the evening. It was as if she was delivering batches of paper (I won’t say ballots because I don’t know what she was delivering) to a couple of people at different stations. She was whispering into her camera, talking about who was going to get beaten or who was going to lose. I watched it a couple of times, and it was as if she was celebrating what she was doing. Mr. Apelbaum, did you see this video or hear of it?

  10. This is the video I was talking about. When I searched ‘Ruby Freeman’ on twitter, there was a page of comments from different people about her, plus her daughter Shay. I have no idea if any of the claims about these women are true, but it is puzzling. Just wondered if you’d watched any of this and discarded it as worthless in understanding what happened throughout the counting of ballots during that long night.

    • Yes, I’ve seen that video footage. It’s included in my post with multiple facial portraits that match her identity (see “Ruby Freeman: Red Ruby is back”). It’s hard to tell with certainty what she is saying and what it actually means without having the full context of her discussion with her friend. I agree with your observations, this is definitely something that the investigators should have looked into.

      • I guess I missed that part of the post. Sorry. I have a tendency to scan too rapidly sometimes. As always, I admire your dedication to truth. Thanks.

  11. I have noticed that the Ruby’s computer shows a funny date: 18th October. ( min 10’14” on this video: ),
    She was “processing” ballots two weeks ahead of the election.withouth supervision ??? or filling ballots to stuff the box on election night???
    the computer is supposed to update automatically the date and time from network, and even out of a network it should not loose precission by a month, even disconnected, the CPUs boards have batteries specifically to keep the clock chip on time.
    I also find it strange that one of the ballot boxes is called “already completed” (same videlo link, min 15’11”)
    This video also has an interesting capture of a congession from Instagram, don’t know if it’s legit:

    • Thanks for your comment Antonio.

      It’s unlikely that a networked Windows computer would have such a large clock drift. The more likely explanation is that the footage is from October 19, 2020. That still doesn’t explain what she was doing with these ballots and what kind of a control they had in place to prevent an employee from stuffing some ballots into their jacket and flashing them down the toilet on their next visit to the bathroom. I agree, the whole ballot storage area and easy access is a bit problematic. I would be interesting to see the CCTV footage from this area.

      As far as the claim that Ruby wrote the ‘confession letter’, It’s unlikely. Her speech pattern and vocabulary don’t match the ones used in the letter. The writing style suggests a younger male writer.

      • My point was more that I thought the procedure would be to keep in safe custody the mail ballots unopened until after election day, and open them with the rest at the counting event, under multiparty supervision. I understand on 18th October you could only have a box of ballots if you are manufacturing illegal ballots to stuff them in the count, probably instead of legitimate mail ballots, when the opportunity arise. I thought this video further proves the fraud by this team, and I am surprised it is not part of the President’s legal team panoply, or shown in the few media that are publishing fraud evidence.

  12. Yaacov. Where can I find a link to the State Farm Arena ballot scanning raw footage on election night.

    I saw the footage you posted, but it appears to be missing the time frame from approximately 11:15PM Nov. 3 to 12:50 AM on Nov.4.

    Someone fast-forwarded thru this period which is important to an analysis I’m doing.

    Thank you so much if you could help…


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