When Tedros Moves His Lips, Beijing Speaks

Tedros Adhanom WHO Speaks

On February 15, 2020, the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, addressed the Munich Security Conference. At that time, there were only about 60K cases of Covid-19 in China and about 500 in the rest of the world. Tedros was more concerned with misinformation than with containment. In his address, he said:

“We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic. Fake news spreads faster and more easily than this virus, and is just as dangerous.” And if we don’t tackle this, he went on, “we are headed down a dark path that leads nowhere but division and disharmony.”

Even if Tedros was just moving his lips while the ministry of propaganda back in Beijing was doing the actual talking, truer words about the “dark path” have never been spoken. The whole Covid-19 affair with its denial of lab experiments, the fictitious Wet markets origin theory, inflated high mortality rates (currently claimed by the WHO to be 3.9% when in actuality it’s less than 0.4%), artificial shortage to PPE (it exists, it’s just being diverted away from the US by the Chinese), and incendiary MSM coverage, is most likely a Chines information/economic warfare campaign that is using the WHO, our politicians, and various media outlets for its payload delivery.

A Profile of a Chinese Enabler
Tedros was voted WHO director-general in 2017, replacing another incompetent Chinese medical prodigy, Dr. Margaret Chan. Tedros is the first WHO director-general without a medical degree. He also possesses the worst job qualifications in the written history of employment.

Tedros got his bachelors degree in biology from the University of Asmara in Eritrea. After his graduation, he served in a junior position at the Ministry of Health under the Marxist dictatorship of Mengistu. After the fall of Mengistu in 1991, he popped-up in the UK and got a masters degree in Immunology of Infectious Diseases from the University of London. In 2000, he got a PhD in Community Health from the University of Nottingham. His dissertation was titled: “The effects of dams on malaria transmission in Tigray Region, northern Ethiopia.” From the writing style analysis of the dissertation, it is unlikely that he actually wrote it himself.

Just like another incompetent British sponsored PhD named Joseph Mifsud, Tedros’s subsidized academic pedigree also hints of political grooming. This plan apparently derailed when Tedros chose to become a Chinese client instead of continuing to pay homage to his old (and cash-strapped) patrons at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

From 2005-2012, under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Tedros was the Minister of Health. During his tenure, he covered-up one of the worst outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopian history. Between 2012-2016, he was the Ethiopian foreign minister and was involved in the violent suppression and starvation of the rival Amhara clan. A little known biographical detail about Tedros is that he was the 3rd ranking member of the politburo of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) Terrorist Organization.

Tedros Adhanom
Image 1: Tedros, his FPLF linkage, and his full-time job as China’s propaganda mouthpiece

Tedros’s rapid rise to the top of the directorship of the WHO began after his collaboration with Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation. Running some analytics on Tedros’s activity between 1991-2018 shows conduct riddled with fraud, corruption, the worst forms of human rights abuses, and scandals.

I Would Like toThank the Bills for this gig
Image 2
: Tedros with his power base

Tedros  lying about the 2016 Ethiopian Army Troops Firing at Peaceful Demonstrators
Image 3
: Tedros lying about the Ethiopian police/army being unarmed and not firing and attacking the crowd at the Irreecha cultural festival in Bishoftu on October 2, 2016.  In an official 2016 Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement, Tedros wrote: “Indeed, it is quite clear from the videos that there was no shooting and the police were unarmed.”

Glaring character flaws and dishonesty aside, an interesting point of convergence between Tedros, China, and the Covid-19 pandemic is that Ethiopia received billions of dollars in Chinese aid over the past few years. Tedros has personally benefited from this aid in the form of several well-padded foreign bank accounts. In this context, it doesn’t take much effort to figure out why he advised Ethiopian Airlines to continue to fly daily from major Chinese cities. This is while 59 other air carriers from 44 different countries all grounded their flights to and from China. Ethiopian Airlines still insists that it will follow directives from the WHO and continue its daily China flights.

HRC Political Office vs. Donations
Image 4: HRC political office vs. donations to the Clinton Foundation. Tedros brokered a $100 million donation to the Clinton foundation. Within a few months, he became the director-general of the WHO. In 2017, Bill Clinton described Tedros as “one of the ablest public servants I ever worked with.

In terms of the Chinese logistical involvement in making the epidemic a pandemic, it just happens that they financed and built the international airport in Addis Ababa. This airport is the ‘gateway’ for travel between China and Africa. It is also a major hub for European and US traffic. Ethiopia’s Bole airport sees, on average, 1500 passengers per day arriving from China. Just like in the case of the wide-open Ethiopian route, the same type of heavy china outbound passenger traffic to other locations continued long after they knew that the epidemic in Wuhan reached critical infection levels.

Tedros Adhanom Thank You China
Image 5
: Thank you China for ‘bolstering the fight against COVID19’, giving the MHO 20 million dollars, and providing its African clients with endless supply of PPE.

Any discussion about the emerging Chinese infodemic narrative, their research of a synthetic version of the Covid-19 virus, their US influence operations, and the WHO’s complacency in this pandemic should be viewed through these Tedros statements:

  1. On using Google and SM to suppress counter WHO Covid-19 narrative
    “Given the misinformation about the novel coronavirus epidemic, WHO has communicated with some companies including Google to ensure that the public will get the authoritative information from the WHO.”
  2. On international travel restriction to and from China
    “Travel restrictions [to and from China] can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”
  3. On quarantine requirements for the sick
    “The lockdown of people is unprecedented in public health history, so it is certainly not a recommendation the WHO has made.”
  4. On the virus not being transmittable between people
    “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.”
  5. On spreading official Chinese government propaganda
    “The WHO highly appreciates the tremendous efforts China has made to contain the epidemic.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus China, China, China
Image 6
: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, ‘All good things come from China’

Where is the COVID-19 Messaging Coming From?
The majority of the aggressive narrative regarding the lethality of the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s apocalyptic nature is now coming from the WHO (they originally claimed no human transmission) and a related international network of progressive activists, politicians, big-tech, and reporters. A large number of these ‘activists’ are US based MSM journalists. Running some SIGINT on the sources of the messaging shows clear signs of 3C activity, timing, and a publication strategy. Not surprisingly, the main stated objective in many of these communications is the political targeting of the Trump administration. It is also noteworthy that some of these ‘activists’ include politicians, who have been discussing the need for the development of ‘scientific eye candy’ to help support the predictions of a zombie apocalypse.

If you still doubt that this is a coordinated campaign, here is a sampling of the massaging topics that the ‘Covid-19 network’ has generated over the past 10 weeks:

  • Trump has made America a failed state and a third world country
  • The ‘Jewish involvement’ in the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Stock market is collapsing and people will lose all their savings
  • Hospitals will be overwhelmed
  • The reason for PPE shortage in the US is the Trump administration
  • The Corona virus infects and kills both young and old at the same rate
  • Trump is doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus
  • Reference to the Chinese origin of virus is racist and xenophobic
  • The Chinese have done everything to combat the pandemic
  • Trump will declare martial law and eliminate the 2020 elections
  • Need to mobilize Web 2.0-3.0 platforms and SMEs to support the narrative
  • The source of Covid-19 are the Wuhan ‘Wet markets

The following is a sampling of three profiles of members of the ‘Covid-19 network’ of contributors from outlets like WaPo, NYT, and the foreign media.

Brian Klass WaPo Reporter and Agent Saboteur Extraordinaire
Brian Klass is an American originally from Minnesota who lives and works in the UK. He is governor Mark Dayton’s former driver. Klass received his BA from Carleton College, a masters degree in Politics Science from Oxford, and his PhD in Comparative Government from Oxford. He has worked with Soros affiliated organizations and has ties to the British IC. He is a fellow in the department of global politics at the London School of Economics, an assistant professor of global politics at University College London, and a reporter for The Washington Post.

Brian Klass About Me
Image 7: Brian Klass in his own words

Klass knows several of the key players in the Steele Dossier such as Luke Harding and Ellen Nakashima (the reporter behind the allegation that the Russians hacked/leaked the DNC emails). Klass is a frequent television commentator and democratic political consultant, a US campaign adviser, and political analyst of US and foreign policy in mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS. He is an author of several anti-Trump books including: “The Despot’s Apprentice: Donald Trump’s Attack on Democracy”, the “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding and Abetting the Decline of Democracy”, and  the Co-Author of “How to Rig an Election”.

Brian Klass and Friends
Image 8
: Brian Klass, samples of his linkage and political MSM activity

Ferris Jabr
Image 9: The profile of Ferris Jabr, the ‘authority’ referenced in the February 2020 edits of the Wikipedia entry about the mortality rates of the Spanish Flu (changing them from 10%-20% to 1%-3%), thus, promoting the narrative that Covid-19 is as deadly as the Spanish Flu

Colonel Coşkun Başbuğ
Image 10:
Coşkun Başbuğ, Retired Turkish intelligence Colonel specialist in psychological warfare in an interview on Turkish TV: “of course, Jews are behind this…”

*** Update 03/24/2020 ***

I’ve received several requests for a proof that MSM outlets have coordinated the above mentioned ‘massaging topics’ well in advance. For example, that they would predict false astronomical death rates. The following is a posting by Chris Hayes, a lead reporter with MSNBC that predicts a 50% mortality rate.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes 50 Percent Death Rate from COVID 19

*** Update 03/25/2020 ***

CBS This Morning’ video footage substitution fake. Using imagery from an ER in a hospital in Bergamo Lombardy in Northern Italy and passing it as footage of an ER in a New York city hospital in order to enhance the fear messaging. CBS senior editorial instructions were to ‘strip the Sky News logo from the footage’ so as not to expose its foreign source. The Sky News piece itself is also full of false claims like that the Covid-19 mortality rate is 50%.

CBS Italy Hospital in New York City

*** Update 03/26/2020  ***

America is a failed state (another item in the above mentioned massaging topics). The following is a sample posting by Julia Ioffe, a GQ Magazine reporter who posted a piece titled “Who’s the shithole country now?”.

America is a failed state

References and Sourcing
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Samples of massaging topics showing up in media coverage
Racist Attitudes Could Aid & Abet the Spread of the Pandemic: Laurie Garrett on Coronavirus
New Evidence of Trump’s Botched Response to Coronavirus: Democracy Now
Coronavirus cases could swamp South Dakota hospitals if projections hold: USA Today

COVID-19 related Chinese influence operations and key early events timeline
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Wikipedia edits showing an alignment of the Spanish Flu with the Covid-19 mortality rates:

Pre-February 22, 2020 Wikipedia Spanish flu article, the “Around the globe” section stats:

The global mortality rate from the 1918–1919 pandemic is not known, but an estimated 10% to 20% of those who were infected died (case-fatality ratio).”

Post-February 22, 2020 Wikipedia Spanish flu article, the “Around the globe” section stats:

“Estimates vary as to the total number who died. An estimate from 1991 says it killed 25–39 million people.[47] A 2005 estimate put the death toll at probably 50 million (less than 3% of the global population)…”

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137 thoughts on “When Tedros Moves His Lips, Beijing Speaks

  1. yaacov apelbaum, I wanted to ask you a question about something my sister sent to me. It was posted on twitter, and I don’t know whether to believe any of it. If what this person says is true, about virus and research, it really bothered us. So much of what you read online, and even in physical newspapers and magazines isn’t true. I posted it on a blog I read every day and was told it’s nothing. But, I’m still bothered. Would you be interested in looking at it? I’ll post the link, but will break it up because I know people don’t want just anyone posting something. I hope you don’t think I’m being presumptuous. I have no computer technical knowledge, really don’t know how to verify things. I’m going to be 79 :) in May and was looking forward to a party. :) Perhaps I’ll still get one. I’ll pray for you during this time of worry and concern.

    twitter .com housatonicITS /status/ 1244066450668691459

    If you don’t have time, I certainly will understand.

    • Hi Joan,

      Happy birthday in advance and many more to come :-)

      I’ve looked at the twitter link you sent me and there are a lot of subjects there, are you interested in any particular topic or post?

      In general when you evaluate of information (print, broadcast, or Internet), you should ask yourself the following questions:

      1. Is the author using secret/classified/confidential sources/or non-publicly available data? If he/she is, than you can most likely disregard their claims.
      2. Does the speaker/writer have solid and credible history. Have they in the past/present exaggerated, misrepresented, made glaring mistakes. If they did, you can disregard them and the outlet they work for.
      3. Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBS, etc. are not news organizations, they are ideological propaganda outlets and should be treated as such. This even includes investigative journalism and programs like 60 minutes.
      4. Are the claims backed-up with citations and sources. Has the expert cited been peer reviewed and has published extensively on the subject. Just because a person has a PhD or is an MD doesn’t make them an authority on any subject. Keep in mind that most progressive NGOs that talk about topics like social justice and global warming are almost always driven by some invisible financial/political/foreign interest that doesn’t realy care about social issues and the environment.

      I hope this helps.

      • Hi Yaacov,

        Amazing blog. Amazing technology. Great post!

        I was curious if you have had any chance to look into the back and forth going on between the “Corona virus could have been a lab leak of some kind of specimen from the Wuhan BSL-4 lab” line of questioning and the “this is definitely a naturally occurring virus that crossed over into humans from bats, here are these scientists that agree with this theory”. Or even that Indian paper, that trying to assess if Corona virus was possibly the result of gain-of-function research, was retracted due to immense an immediate criticism It would be interesting to uncover more of the individual backgrounds of experts/reporters on both sides to maybe uncover more concrete ulterior motives if there are any.

      • Thank you for the kind words.

        From all of the Chinese and research documents that I have read it looks the following sequence of events took place:
        1. The current COVID-19 virus is a member of a larger coronavirus family which is naturally occurring in certain Chinese bat populations
        2. The COVID-19 variant was first identified by a Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) researcher Shi Zhengli as early as 2013. The virus was then isolated from the bats and brought into the lab for further research in the Wuhan P4 site, the US, and other locations
        3. Some of the experiments and work conducted in the labs included genetic sequencing, human susceptibility to infection, and transmissibility across different mammals. This work ran from 2014-2019
        4. In late 2019, the WIV identified a local SARS epidemic in Wuhan. They Reverse Engineered the US drug Remdesivir and filed for a local patent application for new drog they called Redoxivir. issued a ban on all communications and publication ban dealing with this “unknown pneumonia “. The WIV also started deleting large amount of digital content from their and other sites including papers, WIV researcher bios, and images.
        5. In January 2020, images, videos and other content is uploaded to the internet showing Chinese eating bats. Shortly afterwards, the Chinese claim that the transmission took place in an animal market. All these images were fakes and so was the claim of bat transmission origin.
        5. In February 2010, the WIV was taken over by a Chinese general who is their leading experts on biochemical weapons

        So, based on all of these data points, I would say that we need to have a closer look into who are the first 1000 patients in China and what is their linkage to the WIV or its employees. If anyone of the first wave of Chinese patients is linked, then we can probably conclude that the source was probably WIV.

  2. Follow UK money? The Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre was set up with £66million in 2018 by Oxford University, Imperial College and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.A week before the virus announcement on 31st December 2019, non profit VMIC set up a profit centre VMIC Services Ltd on 23rd December. Madeline Osburn “Neil Ferguson’s report from Imperial College ignited the world’s dramatic response”..Oxford University say antibody testing is the way forward but has developed a rapid testing kit from which it will profit. Great work in Youtube video by Logical Annie titled Clash of interest with worldwide pandemic models and claims! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WasEEzrm2d4

  3. There is another, perhaps circumstantial twist on Remdesivir, illegal branding, and getting it delivered through the US black market while backed by US universities. Remdesivir has a precursor called GS441(do not remember the whole string). GS stands for Gilead Sciences. UNiversity of California-Davis (no, it is not a cure). With a little help of friends in media, UC Davis managed to catalyze and back a black market which gets whatever they sell as GS or Remdesivir through cat owner groups. The beginning of this story is offered at fiptreatmentnews.com. I have not followed the detail, but nowadays the “coronavirus cure” – not sure if GS or illegal Remdesivir, or just water in the name of those two – is sold through numerous black market dealers openly operating on the social media and internet, promoted by MSM and backed by the largest US university system, of California. Why nobody cares? Because the marketing starts with the word “cat”.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

    • I don’t know enough about the pharma side, so I can’t comment intelligently about it. But, considering how the Chinese cornered the market in PPE equipment and are now making a killing on masks and gowns, I wouldn’t be surprised if they intentionally created a black market version of Remdesivir (which they named Redoxivir) and have branded it for ‘veterinarian’ use.

  4. I have never met anyone who did not support our troops. Sometimes, however, we hear accusations that someone or some group does not support the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. But this is pure demagoguery, and it is intellectually dishonest. — Ron Paul

  5. There is nothing wrong with describing Conservatism as protecting the Constitution, protecting all things that limit government. Government is the enemy of liberty. Government should be very restrained. — Ron Paul

  6. Hi, Can you please clarify how we know that Tedros received personal funds from the Chinese. And, also, how he brokered the $100 million deal to the Clinton Foundation. I looked at the link but I don’t understand how one can come to that conclusion from the article.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi, Thanks for your response. Is there a link to these internal documents? i’d like to include some of your information in an article about Tedros of my own, but I feel uncomfortable using it without being able to verify it.

    I noticed in an earlier comment that you listed several ways to check the veracity of an article. The first item:
    1. Is the author using secret/classified/confidential sources/or non-publicly available data? If he/she is, than you can most likely disregard their claims.

    • Thank you for your comment Caryn. Feel free to use any of the materials published in the post. You can follow most documents to the source, but, keep in mind, that due to the transient nature of Internet content some of the sources may no longer be accessible.

      The results of the analytics would be considered primary sources and you will only find them in the post (i.e. the identity of some of the researchers from the Wuhan institute like Huang Yanling, Mengyue Wang, and Cuihua Wei).

  8. Hi,

    I really appreciate the lengths to which you’ve gone to shed light on this whole matter. Amazing how a few nefarious, intertwined people “rule the world”. Mashiach can’t come soon enough.

    Looking again at your statement that Tedros brokered the donation from the Lundin Group to the Clinton Foundation and shortly after Tedros became Director General of the WHO. The donation was brokered in 2007; Tedros became Director-General in 2017.

    Can you please clarify? Thanks.

    BTW, Clinton commended Tedros as one of the ablest public servants… in 2014 at the Opportunity Africa Conference.

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