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The Time Tunnel & Reciting the Shema in Papua New Guinea

Among the most prominent themes in the Hebrew Bible are the concepts of sin, punishment, repentance, and restoration. Chapter 28 of the book of Deuteronomy, known as the “blessing and curse”, makes it abundantly clear what the rules of the game are. Follow the law and you will enjoy fantastic entrepreneurial success and overflowing prosperity, disobey it, and you’ll be punished with the worst forms of war, exile, anarchy, and poverty.

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Only the Racially Pure Need Apply

On February 20, 1939, over 20,000 American supporters of the Nazi party packed Madison Square Garden in New York City. They anxiously awaited the appearance of Fritz Julius Kuhn, the newly anointed American Führer of the German-American Bund. The event took place two days before George Washington’s birthday and a 30-foot-high portrait of the first president (who was described by Fritz as the first Fascist) hung behind the podium along with Nazi flags and swastikas.

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An Afternoon with a Fraudster

It was only after I played back the recording and listened to it several times that I realized how sophisticated and polished the scam was. The planners had thought of everything and had prepared for even the minutest of details.

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