Murder for Ratings

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Another public gathering and another Antifa-BLM-Green Alliance assult. It turns out that what appears to the naked eye in the edited news as random violence is a carefully orchestrated media event. In the case of the Denver murder this week, it shows clear evidence of a coordination between media outlets and well known Antifa-BLM-PSL agitators. As can be seen from the composites below, a professional agitator, named Jeremiah Elliott, baited and assaulted multiple peaceful demonstrators while his Denver Post camera wing lady, Helen Richards, was busy capturing the fictitious ‘right wing extremists’ in action.

This agitprop campaign joined by Zack Newman, a Denver 9News producer. Unfortunately, just as in any revolutionary activity, the business of manufacturing violent news is riddled with potential casualties. This event was no exception. Richards’ and Newman’s little Pulitzer prize initiative ended abruptly when Matthew Dolloff first baited and then another Antifa-BLM-Green activist (Zack Newman’s paid muscle), murdered Lee Keltner, all while Newman watched on and Richards captured the act on her camera a few feet away.

Jeremiah Elliott Denver Antifa Orgenizer
Image 1:  Sampling of the coordinated media activity between Jeremiah Elliott, a violent Denver  Antifa-BLM-PSL activist, and his wing woman, Denver Post photographer Helen Richards. During Elliott’s multiple assaults on peaceful demonstrators, Richards was always right next to him capturing the action

Helen Richardson Crisis Photographer
Image 2: Helen Richardson, The Denver Post’s ‘crisis photographer’ in action and Matt Dolloff, the Denver NBC-affiliated 9News hired muscle staging a scene for the 9News producer Zack Newman.

Matthew Dolloff political activity
Image 3: The political footprint of Matt Dolloff includes anti-Trump, anti-Israel, pro-Islamist, anti-police, and anti-US military posts and activity

Newman Dolloff Elliott Keltner
Image 4
: Zack Newman from 9News, his muscle, Matt Dolloff, and Jeremiah Elliott, the Antifa agitator, stalking their victim Lee Keltner (image was enhanced and reconstructed from the one posted by Richard Randall)

Jeremiah Elliott Fight
Video 1
: February 17, 2020,  Jeremiah Elliott assaulting an individual at a Bernie Sanders speech

Jeremiah Elliott Social Network
Image 5:
Jeremiah Elliott Antifa network includes practicing Satanists and Wiccans

Jeremiah Elliott BLM FTP Event
Image 6
: July-August 2020, Jeremiah Elliott leading BLM Antifa riots and attacks against the police in Aurora Colorado

Dolloff Warrant
Image 7: The affidavit and arrest warrant for Matthew Doloff [sic]

References and Sources
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Copyright 2020 Yaacov Apelbaum, All Rights Reserved.

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  1. The redhead is in the video at bernie speech as well, he gives her a shoulder bump as a job done does he not? Sure you have pegged it already but worthy of mention in case you have not. Outstanding work by the way.

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