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Category: Phishing

Good day to you!

A few days ago, I got a phising email. I usually delete these emails promptly, but this one had an interesting component to it: it came with a password protected MS Word document. This is somewhat unusual because they typically expect you to just launch the attachment and activate the payload immediately.

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The Anti-Virus Virus Part II

One of the hundreds of affiliates install 154,825 copies of the malware in ten days, 2,772 of those copies were eventually purchased by the victims… the affiliate was able to earn the $146,525.25. A projection of this earning rate would land him over 5.5 million dollars year.

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Windows Live Credit Card Phishing

In many cases, the objective of phishing is to just recover your webmail credentials since the resale value of a legitimate web mail account on the black market can be as high as $2-$3—twice the amount one can get for a stolen credit card number.

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