The Illustrated Primer

Category: Disinformation

Provocation 101

There are a number of on-line sources that published images claiming that that they were photos of Justice John Roberts with Ghislaine Maxwell. They are not. The source of these uploads is the Kremlin’s information warfare unit AKA Internet Research Agency.

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The Agents of Corruption

Despite Joe Biden’s endless denials and the MSM collusion to shield him and his family and enable thier corruption, the evidence and the facts are irrefutable.

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Operation Snort

There are currently a number of images circulating on social media that purport to depict Hunter Biden snorting cocaine. Some of them are fakes and are designed to discredit the his laptop.

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It wasn’t Sexual Assault

If you analyze the tweet, what Komi is insinuating is that due to the female anatomy, Biden couldn’t perform this act, unless, that is, Read allowed him to do it.

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