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  1. Hey, Yacov, I emailed my senators the minute this Ford accusation started, asking them to support Judge Kavanaugh,and President Trump. I read and commented on the blogs I follow, plus I tweeted my skepticism on the Democratic tweets. This Ford accusation has shocked me, no, the Republican’s weak spines shocked me as much as anything I’ve seen in politics in my adult life. She didn’t shock me. I’ve known lying women, and observed lying Democratic operatives all my adult life. May Judge Kavanaugh be appointed with no further outrageous behavior (perhaps too much to wish for in these poisonous political times. I pray that someday the Judge and his family’s wounds are healed — and that happens while he is seated on our Supreme Court.

    • Hi Jjm,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, the political aspects of this affair are repulsive. I think the bigger issue here is the invisible assault on the Bill of Rights. This alleged crime has no timeline, location, any evidentiary proof or even circumstantial evidence, admission of guilt, or witness corroboration, and yet, here we are, investigating for the 3rd time a man that consistently claims he is innocent. Looks more like Auto-da-fé than a hearing.


      • Dear Yaacov, Because this hearing is NOT a real criminal proceeding, as the US Senate is not the correct venue for such a thing, they, the Senators, the witnesses, various attorneys, protesters and so on, are not bound by necessary legal process, a la Bill of Rights. That’s why Debra Katz and Bromwich were practically smacking their lips sitting next to Christine Blasey Ford as she “testified”. It’s a lot like Alice in Wonderland combined with the Auto-Da-Fe you mentioned above. It’s a battering ram meant to shock and demoralize everyone, from Brett Kavanaugh and his family to us poor slobs who will be voting — or not, because of this epic horror show — in November. Of course the real target is President Trump.

        Question: how do I get to what looks like the two links above (Kavanaugh hearings, Preponderance of Evidence)? I’ve clicked on them but they did not come up. I’ve been looking forward to reading your thoughts on all this. Glad that Clarice Feldman picked up on your efforts to enlighten us about the Russian collusion and its background in The Swamp. It appears that “Dr.” Ford is very well-connected with this crowd.

        As the mother of two very frisky former teenagers (also privately schooled;-) I have some questions I would like to ask her about the night in question. Inquiring minds want to know. The main one is, did your parents drop you off at the party? They probably would not do this if they didn’t know whose house you were going to and who else would be there. Had you told them another story (our daughter did this with her good buddy when they got driver’s licenses at 16), like that you were spending the night at a friend’s house, telling the other parents you were going to the movies and then meeting up at someone’s home where the parents were “away.” There are numerous permutations of this scheme that kids figure out all by themselves. In her descriptions of where information (i. e. mocking laughter from boys) ends up in the brain, it seemed that Christine’s testimony only showed us that her brain never fully matured in whatever lobe it is that develops impulse control in one’s twenties.

        School is hell for a lot of people and even “private school” classmates, especially at an all-girls academy, can be mean jerks. I’ve had friends who removed their daughters from these supposedly select institutions because they were in a particularly bad class of meanies, and transferred them to a co-ed school, where they were much happier and did just fine academically. I read the B-S statements from the heads of these schools that we have access to from friends and alums and they all say how single sex education leads to great accomplishments and confidence. Baloney. Their days are numbered.

        My oldest grandchild turned 13 today. How well I remember her father’s teenage and college years; also, his younger sister’s. I like to think my husband and I gave them enough rope to hang themselves, but they never quite did, so their experiences should stand them in good stead as their kids plow through all this stuff! You know what they say about payback.

      • Thanks for your comment Dr. Dre,

        I think that it’s clear what the purpose of the confirmation delays and the last-minute introduction of ‘new’ evidence is. The legal venue of the Senate hearing notwithstanding, at the end of the day, we still have to use some legal yardstick to evaluate the commision of a crime. Also, the hearings are administered under oath, so perjury is a factor. You make some good points about the follies of youth, so even if some of the allegations Ford’s makes are partially true, I wouldn’t be quick to judge. Matthew 7:1-3 sums it up pretty well:

        “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure, you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

  2. Hi Yaacov,
    The work you did in putting together “The Mechanics of Deception” left me astonished and profoundly impressed that one individual could produce it. Thank you. I came with the hope(or perhaps suggestion) that something similar be could be used to look at Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s allegation. I would love to see what it could reveal!

    • Thanks for your comment Rick. I don’t think that Ford’s and the other allegations warrant a deep evaluation. They are over 35 years old and even if they did happen, they are not crimes.

      This is one of these “Prove that you don’t have a sister” problems. It’s almost impossible to prove Evidence of absence. Besides, even if you do a deep dive on the cast of characters and show some interesting linkages like Ford’s political activism or Swetnick’s history of sexual harassment lawsuits, the counter-argument is going to be ‘so what?’ none of this disproves the allegations that these things ‘could have’ happened.

  3. Yaacov

    Please apply your techniques of facial recognition to Blasey Ford and her handlers. It would prove most illuminating. See CTH latest post for starting point.

    • Blasey Ford is a psychologist that is versed in polygraph testing (mostly in how to evade them). She offered no other evidence to substantiate her claims aside from the Polygraph test she took (to which we only have two Q&As). I think that this coupled with other inaccuracies in her testimony makes it self-explanatory. I don’t see a need for further analysis here…

  4. Yaacov

    Yes, you are correct. It’s more about discovering a larger network of handlers associated with Ford. You underestimate how illuminating your techniques in unfolding the dossier construction were to us, untrained. You have showed how to sprinkle sunlight on those who do their work under institutional cover.

    • Thanks for the feedback Aldo.

      The Dossier was a complex and well-funded operation, I don’t think that this is the case with Christine Blasey Ford affair. The Machiavellian ideology of ‘the end justifies the means’ is probably similar, but the mechanics and execution are different. The Ford saga looks more like a political hit job than the Coup d’état style of the Dossier.

      So in this context, I don’t think that we would find much by means of complex networks. Maybe a few senators and staffers, a few LEA professionals, and the regular parade of corrupt MSM reporters.

      • Yaacov

        Yes. But in another context, the Kavanaugh affair represents another canal of doj/fbi/dnc/press actors… all acting in coordination. It may be, as you say, a political hit job and much smaller in scale, but I encourage you to reconsider. Many important lone voices feel somewhat exasperated by this whole affair. You provide the technical expertise and rigorous mindset to unpack these situations. God speed.

  5. I’ll add perhaps the final comment on this sorry topic;-) When the letter from the California “boyfriend” that Christine had spent some 6+ years with, meeting him surfing on the beach at Malibu, and he spilled the beans on her other school/roommate, Monica McLean, now a retired FBI lawyer, comments were being made that “he had better watch out or he’ll be ‘Arkancided!’ I looked up the dude who had dumped Dr. Ford, and lo and behold, he is awesome!! An agent with a major real estate company, with a book of Malibu $$$ listings that would make you drool; his late father was a well-respected judge in the area. No one is going to touch this guy and the D. C. squawking stopped almost immediately when the connection between Blasey-Ford and her buddy Monica was revealed. He is a stud — sorry to be so bold — a true surfer and Christine Blasey blew it totally. If she couldn’t land this guy after being with him all those years, she’s a true LOSER. He almost went after her for credit card fraud when she was using his Mastercard after they broke up. As a woman myself, I really think this is telling of her unbalanced mental condition that seeks to blame others for whatever ails her.

    • Hi Dr. Dre,

      Thanks for your comment. My problem with the Kavanaugh hearings was more with the process and less with the personalities. When it comes to the judgment of individuals, I try to follow Matthew 7:1 (albeit not always successfully). The towering problem here is not that people are making proposterous allegation, it’s that the system (i.e. the academia, the bar association, etc.) deems these to be sufficient to convict a person. The wholesale circumvention of justice by the elimination of the burden of proof and basic rules of evidence should be a wakeup call for every law-abiding citizen in this country.

      In this spirit, I would like to apologize in advance for taking the liberty of removing the last word in your comment.

  6. I understand that you don’t want to do a forensic investigation of Ford. I have a much narrower and more relevant request. Could you comment on the methods used to eliminate her online presence? Even if you don’t do any deep investigation of it can you communicate a post discussing how someone WOULD do this and how it might have been done, etc.?

    I’m actually surprised how successful it was and that stuff wasn’t surfaced out of server caches or the like.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Here are a number of methods that an average citizen can use to reduce their online footprint:

      1. Paid anonymity services like DeleteMe – This is effective for most public sources but can get pricey. It works well with most data aggregators like Intelius
      2. Manual removal from sources like LinkedIn, FB, and Twitter – This is very effective if one has access to the original posts and content
      3. A court order (typically used in stalking and domestic violence, abuse cases). This is the most effective method as a failure by the hoster to remove data could result in a contempt prosecution
      4. Legal and IP based approach- This is an expensive way to go because you will need to hire an attorney to send threaten them with legal action if they don’t remove your copyrighted content (like images)

      As far as her online presence, I looked at it briefly and she does have a sizable network or like-minded individuals in terms of political affiliation and lifestyle. There is also a significant amount of older imagery.

      You could do a deeper dive on her and could probably dig up some interesting socio-psychological details, but I don’t think that she warrants the attention or the effort. The problem is not Ford’s statements like “Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter” or her failure to recall the time and place of the events, but it’s the system’s willingness to accept these as sufficient grounds for prosecution and conviction. This is a pretty dangerous precedent considering the fact that most senators present in the hearings were attorneys and the bar association/academia supported her as well. So here we are in 2018 re-enacting the Doctors’ Plot/Moscow Trials in Washington D.C.

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