The Illustrated Primer

Tag: Management

Ode to The Code Monkey

What you lack are not more lines of code, rather it’s architecture and a road. To substitute quality with speed, Is the motto of the code monkey creed….

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Drinking on the Job and Other Vices

Hobbes observed that life under the rule of the mob is “nasty, brutish, and short”. Similarly, life in a startup modeling itself after a society such as the “Lord of the Flies” is wretched and hardly short enough.

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Bells and Whistles

The car industry more than any other manufacturing sector embraced a strategy that focused entirely on building a product with the highest degree of obsolescence and greatest curb appeal. Traditional engineering principles like longevity, efficiency and environmental friendliness were sacrificed and replaced with a lot of chrome, fender size, overpowered V8 engines and pink leather.

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What’s with the Chicken?

The ceremony in which the team lead finally admits that he can’t deliver the features on time climaxes in a primeval ritual that rivals ancient Aztec human sacrifices, albeit somewhat more painful.

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The Überteam

A high performance team’s esprit de corps is derived from a strong sense of individual belonging, common culture and shared vision.

Building and managing strong development teams goes beyond simply managing developers to quarterly objectives and delivering functional products.

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