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Word Cities Summit 2014 and XRVision

After six months of grueling work, an impossible deadline, 15 hour days, and against all odds… we delivered XRVision, the world first standalone wearable face recognition system.

I hope that this will be a small contribution to making our cities, communities, and public gathering safer.

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The API Train Wreck Part-2

In The API Train Wreck Part-1, I discussed API design factors such as KPI, performance measurements, monitoring, runtime stats, and usage counters.  In this posting,

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The API Train Wreck Part-1

Developing a commercial grade API wrapper around your application is not a trivial undertaking. In fact, in terms of effort, the development of an outbound

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Your First 90 Days on the Job

You just landed the technology executive job of your dreams, so what do you do next?  Do you concentrate on the dysfunctional engineering/architectural environment? Do

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Yaacov Apelbaum Big-O Notation Efficiency

Big O Notation

So if you have been suffering from recursive algorithmic nightmares, or have never fully understood the concept of algorithmic efficiency, (or plan to interview for a position on my team), here is a short and concise primer on the subject.

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The Startup Leap to Success

In the words of Ecclesiastes, there is a time and purpose for everything under heaven. In the early stages of a startup’s life cycle, process is negotiable. Too much process may hinder the speed in which you can build a functional POC. In later stages, however, good process and procedures (e.g. requirements, QA, unit testing, documentation, build automation, etc., ) are critical. They are the very foundations of any commercial grade product.

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Developers Just Wanna Have Fun

The greatest engineering feats are the ones we don’t notice. The hallmark of a great designer is his ability to translate complexity into simplicity. The automatic transmission in a car represents significantly more engineering effort than a manual transmission, but it positively transforms the average user experience. The best consumer electronics always focus on hiding complexity, not showcasing it.

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Drinking on the Job and Other Vices

Hobbes observed that life under the rule of the mob is “nasty, brutish, and short”. Similarly, life in a startup modeling itself after a society such as the “Lord of the Flies” is wretched and hardly short enough.

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