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Against the Claim of Cannabis Use In the Bible

Over the past few years, the legalization of cannabis and its recreational use has sky rocketed. Yet despite the political and commercial gains, the cannabis industry is still fighting an uphill battle against the religious objection to cannabis use.

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In God We Trust

One of the pervasive proofs for the strong affinity between Judeo-Christian ethics and the role that these principles played in the formation of American political consciousness is the national motto “In God We Trust”.

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Cromwell’s Soldier Pocket Bible

Cromwell’s soldiers, nicknamed the Ironsides kept the Pocket Bible in a buttoned pocket on the inside waistcoat, near the heart, and under the soldier’s outer coat. who would go into battle singing hymns like Psalms 46:7 “The Lord of hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our Refuge.”

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Literary Devices in the Book of Isaiah

Many of the book’s passages such 9:5-6 form the foundation of the messianic movements and eschatological theology in Judaism and Christianity. For many years, I had been reading the book contextually, but have just recently started parsing it for structure. Here are a few interesting stylistic and literary devices.

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Descend, ye Cedars, Haste ye Pines

Bach and Handel share some interesting history. They were born only 4 weeks apart (Bach 31 March 1685 – Handel 23 February 1685), grew up 60 miles from each other, used the same snake oil salesman eye surgeon (John Taylor), and even passed on the opportunity to marry Buxtehude’s daughter Anna Margreta.

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