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From Russia with Love

From Russia with love

In 2018, Hunter Biden spent hours and thousands of dollars on two-way video sex chats. Some of these were with Russian girls. The two way video included a full view of his face and him masturbating. In addition to the virtual sex, while traveling, Hunter also hired Russian strippers and prostitutes. In one such encounter, when visiting the ‘body shop’ club, one of the Russian strippers took his $8.5K Gucci jacket.

Image 1:
Chatting with one of the ladies


Image 2:
Hunter’s $8.5K Gucci bomber jacket has gone missing

In second incident, the escort gained access to his laptop and used it to transfer over 20K from his bank account. That same laptop contained sensitive content and the names, phone numbers, email addresses (both government and private) of White House and senior federal officials such as President Barack Obama.

Image 3: Kristina and Rimma two Russians working girls looking for their payment


In a third incident, Hunter was forced to make payments to two girls in Russia. The payment was for a threesome encounter and wasn’t related to his regular use of video sex chat.

Image 4:
Oxana Russki, a trafficked Russian sex worker texting Hunter looking for her missing payment

On October 1, 2018, Hunter participated in an orgy in LA. Present at the rented villa were several Russian sex worker; at least one of them had what appears to be a sex slave branding tattoo. There were also several Russian males at the house that had what appears to be Russian organized crime tattoos. One female who transported the guests and stayed in the house was affiliated with a US defense contractor that develops C4I systems for the DoD.

Image 5: One of Hunter’s Russian parties. This event in this composite took place in Bevery Hills and included girls, drugs, rivers of vodka, and plenty of compromising images of Hunter in action. Four days later, on October 5, he participated in a similar event in Malibu

Image 6:
Object, entity, and location confirmation for Hunter Biden October 1, 2018 sex party

Tom Clancy on a ton of Ritalin couldn’t make this stuff up. The few events mentioned here are just a sampling of Hunter’s long running sex and drug marathons. If we consider the fact that everyone knew who he was, that he was a high value intelligence target, and the close links between Russian organized crime and FSB/SVR, it’s almost certain that he and his family were under constant foreign surveillance. Based on the material evidence, it’s highly likely that Hunter was compromised as early as mid 2015 when he started sleeping with a female family member, got her and himself addicted to crack and meth, and regularly engaged the services of FSU sex workers.

Image 7: Ivan, what’s the name of that stripper?


Keeping all of this in mind, when people like John Brannon, Leon Panetta, Jim Clapper, and Mike Hayden signed a letter stating that the Hunter laptop is a Russian influence operation, they really misspoke. What they should have said was that the Russians have successfully evaded US counter intelligence for several years while compromising the Biden family and were now in a position to control Joe Biden if he got elected.




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Image 8:
Sample screenshot showing Hunter accessing a secure content. His password was the name of his favorite man’s clothing store in Beverly Hills. Hunter kept his passwords and other classified and sensitive information in unprotected notes and text files on multiple devices


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