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Hunter Biden's Revenge Porn Site

The following is the confirmed and validated Pornhub profile of RHEast AKA droidhunter, AKA Harper, AKA Hunter Biden. Some of the content uploaded to the site includes him and a Biden family female member.

Image 1: The Hunter Biden Pornhub and a sampling of the imagery and video uploaded to that account

In 2018-2019 Hunter Biden frequently visited porn sites including his Pornhub profile page using the aliases: RHEast, droidhunter, and Harper. In one such visit, on February 20, 2018, traced to the Blake Street hotel room # 315, starting at 11:45 PM EST, he spent the night with a sex worker that he paid for and transported using an Uber service. During the encounter, he logged into his Pornhub site using the hotel’s WiFi network and shared with the escort his porn collection, family images (including of a minor), and his ‘homemade’ porn productions.

*** Update 10/30/2020 ***

This is in response to a comment from a reader regarding Hunter’s right to privacy vs. the public’s right to know:

“I don’t see the point of releasing the videos, or exposing his Pornhub account. Hunter is an adult. He’s also not running for office. His bedroom habits have nothing to do with Joe. In what way does the value of this info outweigh Hunter’s privacy interests? Why does the public need this info? Am I missing something here? I am genuinely asking. Emails and texts indicating Joe’s corruption: Bring it on. But what purpose does releasing his Pornhub identity serve? If not only to embarrass him?”

My purpose in publishing this content was to provide supporting evidence that corroborates the allegations made by Hunter’s former wife and another female family member about his inappropriate sexual conduct with her daughter (who at the time was a minor).

Hunter’s Pornhub site contains a nude image of a female family member. If used without her  permission (which is highly likely), it could be classified as revenge porn. In Connecticut where this content was viewed with a prostitute, it could be a class A misdemeanor, in Delaware (his home state), it could be a class G felony. Keep in mind that the same female family member accused Hunter on multiple occasions to Joe, Jim, and Jill Biden of engaging in exactly this type of behavior but was shut down by the family. Her specific complaint to Hunter’s father and mother was that Hunter was “walking around naked watching porn masturbating, and doing drugs” in front of her daughter who was a minor.

So, how does this links to Joe Biden? Both, Joe and Hunter’s uncle Jim knew about these allegations and colluded with Hunter to suppress the mother’s complaints. Or as Hunter’s uncle Jim put it:

“…we can both (him and Joe) shove it (her concerns) down her fucking throat!!!!”

The issue here is not the sensational nature of Hunter owning a Porhub page, but rather that we have material evidence of possible sexual child abuse and proof of criminal conduct, financial impropriety, political corruption, and foreign compromise. If this involved any other family in the US, the CPS/police/Feds would have kicked their door down in minutes and dragged them out by their hair. But not in this case! No one took any action to protect the child. Even now, despite the clear and undisputable proof, the media (the NYT is leading the charge) is still aggressively suppressing the story and arguing that this is a Russian hoax. Even Fox news via Tucker Carlson continues to shield/enable the Bidens on the basis that this is a personal issue and that they shouldn’t be scrutinized.

In terms of how credible these allegations are, I’ll cite one of many examples, Hunter himself confessed that the mother of the minor who accused him of sex abuse threw out his gun because she feared for her and her children’s lives. The FBI, Secret Service, and local law enforcement were involved in the investigation, and yet, no one took any action, in fact, the opposite happened, they continued to enable Hunter’s abusive behavior.

So, yes, I believe that the public has the right to know. And we all have the duty to demand a an independent and public investigation.  Because if we don’t, the feds are certainly not going to do it on their own.

*** Update 12/25/2020 ***

Hunter’s Pornhub page which has been dormant for close to a year has just been changed. The modifications to the page include removing the wallpaper image of female family member and replacing it with a generic image and the removal of several personal images and videos.


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Image 2: Hunter’s Purnhub page content authenticated linkage

Image 3
: The guide to Hunter Biden’s Pornhub awards

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