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Hunter Biden’s Finger Lakes Tattoo

The Things My father Taught me

Here’s a short review to help clarify some of the questions regarding Hunter Biden’s tattoo and it’s meaning. He does have a tattoo on his back and it was inked in September of 2018.  The tattoo depicts the Finger Lakes, a group of long, narrow lakes that run roughly north–south in New York state.

Image 1
: Hunter Biden’s tattoo collection and some linkages

In terms of significance, the tattoo is tied to his enterprise of companies. One example of this linkage is payments to an individual (POI-1) who has little visible history, a background, or internet footprint. These transactions involved reoccurring six digit wire transfers from Owasco P.C. to POI-1’s bank account in Chicago. Owasco happens to be the name of one of Hunter Biden’s companies. Seneca and Oneida are two other companies and the names of two additional Finger Lakes. The sources of the payments to Owasco were the Ukrainian Burisma and a Romanian energy firm named Octogon.

Image 2: Letter of authorization for a reoccurring fund transfer from Owasco P.C. to POI-1

Growing Cocoa In Latin America

Document 1
: The Biden trading empire in action. Poroshenko and investment opportunities in growing ‘cocoa’ in Latin America

Image 3:
Utilizing AI to identify the artist who painted the Hunter Biden erotica collection. The artist Phillipa Horan describes herself as “a feminist engaged in the exploration of what lies beneath the surface of the institution and focuses on unseen sub-networks and connections that create new motifs of subversion.”


XRVision Sentinel AI Platform – Face recognition, image reconstruction, and object classification


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