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How to Solicit with a Mouse Click

How to Solicit with a mouse click

To the “Buying Sex is a Crime” abolitionist groups, take note!  The following contains a sampling of one of many of Hunter Biden’s commercial ‘sex hookups’. During this specific February 20th, 2019 session he:


  1. Accessed and viewed his public Pornhub site with the prostitute (Befitting the progressive definition of a platonic philosopher king, Hunter’s Pornhub page uses a wallpaper image of his sister-in-law.)
  2. Shared personal information with the prostitute about his vocation, family, and kids
  3. Perused his digital family album with the prostitute. The album contained images of his minor niece, his father Joe Biden, and other clearly identifiable Biden family members
  4. Bragged about participating in twosomes, threesomes and sevensomes
  5. Boasted that he himself and another man he knew had a threesome with a woman
  6. Showed interest in participating in a future orgy

Image 1:
The logistics and coordination of one enchanted night

Image 2:
Sample content viewed during Hunter’s hook-up 1

Image 3:
Sample content viewed during Hunter’s hook up 2

It seems that fate has a well-developed sense of irony and a sardonic humor: At the beginning of Hunter’s sex exploitation marathon, you can hear a TV program in the background in which President Trump talks about the evils of sex trafficking and the exploitation of women. If Hunter just paid a little attention to the speech, he could have learned about the nationwide drug, trafficking, and sexual exploitation problem—which he seems to thrive on.

So what is the relevance of this and why does the public have the right to know? Beyond the obvious issues of soliciting for prostitution (a class A misdemeanor in his location at the time) and purchasing hard drugs on a wholesale scale, Hunter’s conduct is another confirmation of the allegations leveled against him by his former wife and another female family member. But even more importantly, this and dozens of other solid evidence completely disproves Joe Biden’s assertion that the claims against Hunter are all just vicious lies and that he didn’t know about Hunter’s illegal conduct.

It is worthy of note that both Hunter and his father are attorneys and officers of the court and should be held to higher professional, ethical, and criminal standards. As such, they should be investigated and prosecuted by the DOJ and disbarred. But, considering Ecclesiastes 5:7, it’s probably not going to happen soon.

Image 4: Linkage identifying Dianna Pagano, Hunter’s local drugs and sex worker suppliers

Image 5:
“Hey hun! When u wanna hangout again.” Sample Hunter and Pagano drug/prostitution/payment related communications indicating that on on March 2019 Hunter is in the CT area

*** Update 01/06/2021 ***

On December 29, 2020, WaPo published an article titled: ”Under Biden, the Justice Department is expected to again police the police.” The piece describes the dawn of the golden age of DOJ and local LEA collaboration. In this futuristic model the DOJ will benevolently supervise the local PDs to ensure that they adhere to a highest levels of policing standards. In one paragraph titled “A collaborative model”,  they write:

“Lennon’s (East Haven Police Chief Ed Lennon) been asked to spread the word about East Haven’s successes across the country. He talks about effective tweaks to the hiring process, modern training techniques in de-escalation and how to delegate oversight to supervising officers — but mostly at places like the Harvard Kennedy School and the FBI Academy.”

What the WaPo article fails to mention is that Jonathan Andino, the officer seen on the article’s cover image, arrested Dianna Pagano in 2018 for the same charges and at the same address, so the 2019 arrest should have led to a stiff sentence (she also had a open container conviction from 2003). But, magically, most of the charges against Pagano vanished. At least part of this magic came from the DOJ, which was aware of the identity of Hunter Biden, her most prominent client.

Image 5
: President Obama’s DOJ in action.  Officer Jonathan Andino and the Dianna Pagano linkage

* Credit to Arthur Bloom for posting

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Sex trafficking discussion heard in the background is taken from a 01/20/2019 President Trump WH speech (segment beginning at around:48:30)

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