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My Name is Jack Maxey, and I’m a Fabricator

Jack Maxey The Fabricator

What’s a Fabricator?
A fabricator is an intelligence agent/asset that generates disinformation by lies, deceptions, or by producing forged materials in order to substantiate their claims. A fabricator is often cited as a reliable source behind black propaganda. Multiple fabricators are usually used to justify a Big Lie.

The Dashing and Debonair Jack Maxey
By way of classification, Jack Maxey is a member of the class of establishment republicans who produced the Italian Job, the Absolute Proof, and a score of other election disinformation actors that were designed to derail any attempt to conduct a real election integrity investigation.

Jack Forrester Maxey and his former wife, Talbott Maxey, come from old US media families (N.W. Ayer and Media General); they’re true blue-blood American aristocracy. Jack was raised in affluence in PA and graduated from Yale with a degree in History. Following his graduation, he was commissioned into the US Navy. After leaving the service, he worked for Phil Graham, who first served as a Democratic Congressman (1979–1983), then as a Republican Congressman (1983–1985), and finally as a Republican Senator from Texas (1985–2002).

Worthy of note is that Phil Graham was a senior economic adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign. Another little-known fact is that Graham had a close, friendly relationship with Joe Biden. In 2010, Graham said: Joe Biden was one of my favorites in the Senate. Completely wrong, but a very sweet man.”

After Maxey’s political stint, he worked on Wall Street, “holding many positions in the alternative space of hedge funds and private equity.” He also spent time in Puerto Rico as an entrepreneur. In 2017, he returned from the cold and was ‘inserted’ into the conservative movement as a journalist. He traded his tuxedo for a western belt buckle and chowing Tobacco and published a few pieces for the Miami Standard and Big League Politics (two articles with Cassandra Fairbanks). By late 2018, he hit prime time as Steve Bannon’s co-host on the ‘War Room.’

Image 1
: Maxey’s miraculous transformation from a multi-millionaire Palm Beach socialite to a Tobacco chow’n, western belt buckle/baseball cap/cowboy boot wear’n, devoutly religious, red-n-blue patriot warrior

Image 2: The Palm Beach millionaire inside joke is that the MAGA movement is an uncouth riffraff that can be easily manipulated with a few religious/patriotic slogans and imagery. Many motifs from the Maxey patriot warrior persona are taken from the 2004 movie Team America: World Police and are a parody of the MAGA movement.

Maxey is the poster child of the republican establishment, ready to commit Harakiri with a rusted fork rather than see Trump in office again. In this regard, he’s not alone; other members of his Palm Beach society were engaged in a similar activity and donated to causes like lip service election fraud investigations.

Image 3
: Attending endless charity balls is hard work but someone has to do it

Jack and Talbott Maxey, who divorced in 2009, donated over $10,000 to one such organization called Fight Voter Fraud, which, not surprisingly, to date hasn’t found any concrete evidence of voter fraud. For her part, Talbott Maxey is connected to Bridget, and Bill Koch—who also contributed to the same voter fraud investigation organization and are linked to the ‘New-Right’ political/PsyOps projects like Q and the manosphere movement, which were designed to target and subvert the MAGA movement.

Image 4: Sample content used to authenticate Maxey and construct his network

Exfiltrated with a Submarine in the Wee-Hours of the Night
According to Maxey, in early 2021, he gave The Daily Mail content from HB’s laptop and as soon as the information was published, mysterious black SUVs appeared outside his house. He immediately felt that his life was in danger. As a result, he fled the US to Switzerland, where the long arm of the Biden ninja assassins couldn’t reach him.

Image 5
: Gangsta Jack Maxey at a Palm Beach party and conducting hush-hush leaking operations in Zurich

After going off the grid, agent Maxey—with the help of his Daily Mail handler, Josh Boswell (who had access to the HB laptop content in October 2020 but suppressed its publication)—started promoting various false claims about the laptop. This has been achieved via a carefully executed media blitz and by selling himself as a patriotic avenging angel and the leading expert on HB’s laptop.

Image 6: Jack Maxey, a man of action, and “yes, blonds do have more fun!”

On March 16, Maxey uploaded a photo from Zurich airport with the caption “NOT on vacation. stay tuned…” suggesting that he was on the run. He also stated “I came here so that we could do a forensic examination of Hunter’s laptop safely in a country that still respects human liberty and the ideals of liberal democratic principles.”

Maxey’s latest earth-shattering revelation is that his top-secret Swiss cyber laboratory managed to recover 450 GB of deleted content from the HB laptop. This allegedly includes 80,000 images/videos and more than 120,000 archived emails. Maxey stated that he is sitting on the data, and “in the coming weeks,” he plans to put it all online in a searchable database.

Image 7: The top-secret Swiss cyber laboratory? Whitehat GMBH is a Swiss shell company fully owned by Maxey, incorporated on March 31, 2022, two weeks after he arrived in Switzerland

It Ain’t Worth Jack
So what’s the deal with Jack Maxey and his friends at the Daily Mail? The whole story is a well-crafted US/UK-based active measure, and the likely objective of this little operation is to:

  1. Publish HB laptop content and lace it with disinformation in order to discredit the laptop at a later time (by making it impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff). This has been done previously by the same people (e.g. ,GTV) who are currently working with Maxey.
  2. Trigger a law enforcement action related to his false claims of uncovering a large amount of child porn which could lead to the confiscation of all copies of the drive and the persecution of anyone who worked on the laptop for possession and distribution.
  3. Create shiny object claims about the HB laptop in order to divert public attention from the republican party leadership’s (i.e., McConnel, McCain, Graham, and others) linkage to grifting/laundering operations in Ukraine.
  4. Take the heat of ‘conservative’ news outlets like Fox, who knew all about the HB laptop weeks prior to the 2020 election but opted to suppress it.
  5. Raise money on the false premise that he uncovered new uber-damaging content that no one else has and that he can/will use it to help win the 2022 midterm election.

If you are still not convinced, here is an eighth-grade-level explanation for why Jack Maxey is a fabricator:

Due to the condition and stability of HB’s liquid-damaged MacBook Pro, John Paul Mac Isaac was unable to perform a block recovery or a true clone of the drive. Instead, he performed a manual data copy from the intermittently powering off the laptop. He was successful in recovering the contents of the user’s home folder, a total of around 220GB of data off the 256GB non-removable SSD.  Due to the differences between the original, more efficient APFS filesystem and the HFS+ filesystem used on the target 500GB SSD sent to Rudy Giuliani’s office, the size of the home folder ballooned to nearly 300GB.  The 500GB SSD reported 200GB free and 300GB used, even though there were only around 220GB of accessible data on it.  Because these were new SSDs and no other data was recovered beside the home folder, it would be impossible to recover ‘additional’ deleted files from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

On August 28 2020, John Paul Mac Isaac overnighted a 500 GB external SSD drive with a copy of the HB laptop image to Rudy Giuliani’s office. At the time of shipment, Giuliani’s drive was about 60% full (300 GB/500 GB).

Need more confirmation? Here is JP in his own words

Image 8
: The specs for HB’s MacBook Pro

The Compressed Archive Theory
To the Maxey apologists who will argue that the 450 GB could have come from recovered compressed archives, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the bulk of the allegedly recovered 450 GB would have had to consist of the 80K of images/video files he claims to have recovered, and files like JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, etc., can’t be compressed significantly.

Admission of Possessing Child Porn
The cherry on the cake in Maxey’s fabricated claims is that he found child porn on the HB laptop. Both state and federal law prohibits the production, distribution, reception, and possession of child pornography. The mere acceptance and possession of such content even without the intent to distribute it—which Maxey is admitting to doing—is a crime. A first-time offender convicted of possessing and transporting child pornography under 18 U.S.C. § 2252 is subject to fines and a statutory minimum of 5-20 years.

Providing DoD Crypto Keys to Foreign Agents
Maxey stated that he recovered DoD crypto keys HB used to log into a secure DoD system. This claim just like the child porn is problematic, to say the least. If Maxey indeed recovered these keys (the only way to know that he did for sure would have been to use them to login into the DoD system) and if he shared them with the Swiss authorities as he claims to have done, then as a former US naval officer who knows how US government information classification works, he could be prosecuted for violations of multiple laws including: hacking into a government system, disclosing classified information, and espionage.

It Didn’t Come from the Cloud
The argument that Maxey could have recovered the 450 GB from HB’s cloud account is also unlikely for the following reasons:

  1. HB used two-factor authentication for all of his online activity (and frequently changed burner phones). So, for Maxey to get access to HB’s cloud account he would have had to get a 2FA login token first.
  2. HB started clearing his online content as soon as he realized the consequences of abandoning the laptop and the FBI picking up the device. By mid-October 2020, HB was in full bleaching mode scrubbing his online accounts, including his Pornhub page (where he removed some of his homemade videos and the page’s wallpaper showing Hallie, his sister-in-law, in the nude). Considering this, it’s unlikely that HB would have kept 450 GB of incriminating evidence in the cloud two years later.
  3. The number of cloud-linked files on HB’s laptop was small (under 20 GB). So, unless Maxey found another cloud storage system that HB was using, the recovery could not have come from HB’s iCloud account.

Either way, if Maxey indeed accessed HB’s cloud account, that would be considered hacking and he could be charged with conspiracy and computer fraud. As far as the fairytale that he fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution by US authorities is concerned, yeah, well, good luck with that one, the US has an extradition treaty with Switzerland, and child pornography is also illegal in Switzerland per article 197 of the Swiss Criminal Code.

Is it Payback Time?
Jack’s father, Thomas Fleming Maxey (BoA, Yale, 1959), was the vice chairman and CEO of N.W. Ayer. This New York advertising firm was considered to be one of the oldest agencies in the country and one of the most prominent, with a reported $826 million in billings during the 1980s. N.W. Ayer developed some of the most famous slogans, including: “When it Rains, it Pours” for Morton Salt, “Reach Out and Touch Someone” for AT&T, “A Diamond is Forever” for De Beers, and “Be All You Can Be” for the US Army. Then, in 1986, the company went down in flames. After running the US Army’s advertising for 19 years, they were found guilty of bid-rigging, kickbacks, and improper charges in connection with their $100 million-a-year contract with the US Army. As a result, they were indefinitely suspended from further government business. This in turn triggered the exodus of other large corporate clients like AT&T.

It just happens that the three-year federal investigation/persecution of N.W. Ayer was conducted by none other than the USA for the Southern District of New York, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani. The N.W. Ayer executive vice president at the time was Jack’s daddy, Thomas Maxey. Considering this and other evidence, Maxey’s fabrication of the content of the HB drive could among, other things, be a payback to Giuliani for destroying N.W. Ayer.

To all publishers and promoters of individuals like: MG Thomas Mcinerney, Jack Maxey, Garret Ziegler, and Patrick Byrne, these individuals are fabricators and should be disavowed. Proceed with extreme caution when using any information from them or their networks>>> END BURN NOTICE >>>

*** Update 04/08/2022 ***

Just in case it’s still not clear why I published this post, the problem that I have with Maxey’s HB laptop claims is not that he’s exposing real incriminating information to the public; it’s the fact that he is fabricating evidence which in the long run will be used to discredit ALL of the evidence on the HB laptop.

As I wrote back in October 2020, after running the ‘original drive’ through various data, linkage, image, and forensic analytics, we concluded that the content was authentic and identified dozens of areas where the Biden family members and their network broke the law. We then provided verified and actionable intelligence to federal law enforcement and published several illustrative samples (see a References section below).

There is no need to embellish the content of the HB laptop, the information on it is sufficient to persecute hundreds of individuals for a conspiracy to commit election fraud including reporters, judges, politicians, senior DOJ, FBI, State Department, intel, treasury, and many others. Bad actors like US Attorney David Weiss (who spent years shielding Hunter Biden), Judge Freeh (the former director of the FBI), who likely paid bribes to the Bidens and was aware of their corrupt practices, Judge Guido Calabresi (who as the dean of Yale Law school likely enabled HB’s admission in return for an appellate judge appointment on the Federal 2nd Circuit), or James Baker who in his capacity as Twitter’s Deputy General Counsel suppressed the laptop story should be exposed as well. We don’t need any more media circus and narrative engineering; what we do need is public hearings via a select committee to investigate the HB laptop, followed by an appointment of a special prosecutor, indictments, arrests, convictions, and hopefully, lengthy prison sentences.

Image 9
: We’re not in Palm Beach polite society anymore – The spelling challenged Jack Maxey issuing death threats against me calling his minions to “crush” and “destroy this traitor POS”

Image 10: Don’t start believin

*** Update 04-11-2022 ***

Image 11: Two weeks in a life of a fabricator. On March 28, Maxey was promoting JP Mac Issac as an American hero. Two weeks later, after JP challenged Maxey’s disinformation about recovering an additional 450 GB from the drive, he threated him with bodily harm

*** Update 04-12-2022 ***

Image 12: Sample fake content affiliated with the Maxey disinformation operation purporting to come from the HB laptop.

*** Update 04-15-2022 ***

Image 13: Birds of a feather flock together. Kim Dotcom, AKA Kim Schmitz, AKA Mega Kimble, AKA Kim Tim, AKA Jim Vestor, a lifelong career criminal, a known fabricator, and a purveyor of child porn who is fighting extradition to the US since 2012, has joined the Maxey HB laptop disinformation campaign

Image 14: Welcome to the Republican grifter disinformation networkAnn Vandersteel (the former princess of BalaBURN and a wholesale disinformation purveyor) with two disinformation artists (Patrick Byrne and Jack Maxey) who are accusing each other of lying (both are!) and are referencing a third disinformation artist (Garret Ziegler) who is currently working on another fake version of the HB laptop

Image 15: From the desk of a fabricator – Garret Ziegler (one of the lead developers/promoters for another republican establishment active measure called Italygate) love note inviting me to join the republican grift and active measure club and advising me on various matters of etiquette and holy scripture. Note that the first letter is printed using digitized font (likely for plausible deniability) the second one is hand written

Image 16: The literary corpora of Jack Forrester Maxey. Out of the four works, 1 is an obituary, one was co-authored with Patrick Howley (a rabid frothing- at-the-mouth racist, bigot, and a Jew hater), and two with Cassandra Fairbanks, a Bernie Sanders supporter, the go-to person for the Guccifer 2.0 disinformation operation, and a paid Russian propagandist with the Russian Sputnik news

*** Update 05/09/2022 ***

During his May 8, 2022 interview on The Stand Up America US Show with MG Paul Vallely, Maxey dropped some bad news (min 3:00). He said that after some serious deliberation about the publication plan, he decided not to release the HB hard drive to the public after all. But, there was some good news as well, the notorious black SUVs that were allegedly following him were no longer an existential threat, and the prodigal son was leaving Switzerland and coming home. The new plan is to assemble a crack team of academics and intelligence community professionals to analyze the data and present it to the US Congress and Senate. Due to the hash-hash nature of this new operation, Maxey couldn’t share the exact location of his research facility, but he hinted that it would be in a “large state” like Taxes. 

Jack, I have a productivity suggestion for you; why don’t you move in with the 2000 Mules team? Why not combine your fictitious research facilities/teams? It would be a perfect grifting fit and y’all be able to half the expenses and double your cons.

*** Update 6/14/2022 ***

The article titled “EXPOSED: Massive amounts of new child porn, documents and emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop,” published on March 24, 2022, by the Miami Standard has been deleted and the site has been scrubbed. Maxey has also started a public campaign using a number of SM suck poppet accounts explaining that he actually didn’t himself find/see the child porn on the laptop but was told by others about this content.

Massive amounts of new child porn, documents and emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop
N.W. Ayer Barred From U.S. Business
What’s a Fabricator?
PA Senate Public Hearing on Ballot Drop Boxes Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee hearing, March 31, 2022

Jack Maxey’s Father Thomas Fleming Maxey R&R in N.W. Ayer
Account executive, N.W. Ayer, Inc., Philadelphia, 1964-1971; vice president international, N.W. Ayer, Inc., London, 1971-1972; vice president, N.W. Ayer, Inc., Philadelphia, 1972-1973; senior vice president, N.W. Ayer, Inc., New York City, 1973-1981; executive vice president, N.W. Ayer, Inc., New York City, 1981-1987; president international, N.W. Ayer, Inc., New York City, 1987-1989; vice chairman, N.W. Ayer, Inc., New York City, since 1989; also board directors, N.W. Ayer, Inc., New York City.

Jack Maxey’s Father-in-Law John Stewart Bryan III, Chairman of Media General, Inc.
Media General dates back to 1850 with the founding of the Richmond Dispatch, a predecessor to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In 1887, Joseph Bryan acquired the Daily Times and subsequently additional newspapers. His son, John Stewart Bryan, joined him in the newspaper business and was publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The News Leader from 1908-1944 and president of Richmond Newspapers, Inc., from 1940-1944. Upon his death in 1944, his son, David Tennant Bryan, succeeded him as publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The News Leader. His son, J. Stewart Bryan III, succeeded him as publisher in 1978 and as chairman of the board of Media General in 1990.

Media General entered the television business in 1955 when it launched WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida, as an NBC affiliate, and the company also had radio stations in Richmond and Tampa. Richmond Newspapers, Inc. became a public company in 1966 and the company changed its name to Media General in 1969. After that, the company grew for many years through acquisition of newspapers and television stations, principally in the Southeast. Media General was an early pioneer of the digital media business and in 1994 The Tampa Tribune launched an Internet online service called Tampa Bay Online. With the proliferation of new technology, the business continued to evolve and change. In 2012, Media General implemented an historic transformation of its business when it sold the vast majority of its newspapers to World Media Enterprises, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Following the sale, the company has focused on local broadcast television and digital media. In 2013, Media General combined with Young Broadcasting and increased its number of stations from 18 to 31. In 2014, Media General combined with LIN Media and increased its number of stations from 32 to 71.

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