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Lies Beneath

There are a number of images that have been posted on the G-TV site (a joint Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon venture) that make false claims about the individuals seen in the Hunter Biden laptop imagery.

One example is a photo showing a naked woman on a bed that suggests that this is Malia, President Obama’s daughter. This identification is false. Despite the fact that the G-TV site contains some genuine content, they frequently misidentify the location, context, and individuals seen in these images and videos. Their reasoning for doing so is unclear, it could be explained as clickbait, but it’s not, It’s driven by Wengui’s lesser known agenda.

Image 1: A frame from a video posted on the G-TV website misidentifying the woman (POI-1) on the bed as Malia, President Obama’s daughter

Image 2: The POI-1 seen in bed in Image 1 was taken in a rented villa during a sex party in 2018

Image 3
: POI-1 failed to match Malia Obama on face recognition and body geometry

Dear Mr. Guo Wengui: there is plenty of damning material on the Hunter Biden laptop that speaks for itself, you don’t have to further ‘enhance’ it by fabricating ludicrous claims, spreading fictitious stories about Hunter rapping under age Chinese girls, or defaming an innocent person like Malia Obama.

Stratigic%20Vision%20vs.%20Guo%20Wengui%20 Ny Slip Op 32072 U

Document 1: Guo Wengui v Strategic Visions US, LLC

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