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An Important Message About Sex Abuse and Assault

Ignorance is Strength

There are a number of composite pictures on SM that claim that the Hunter Biden laptop contains nude images of him with a person that is falsely identified as Lady Gaga.

Image 1: Sample of a Hunter Biden Lady Gaga false match composite in circulation. The bottom Image was taken from a video titled: A message from me & my buddy Vice President @ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault.

Image 2: The source image analysis

This activity is likely a part of an ongoing operation to discredit the authentic content of the Hunter Biden laptop by the production of either completely or partially false content. This is not the first such claim, similar previous disinformation about Hunter included images purporting to show him snorting cocaine off the behind of a sex worker or standing naked next to a young oriental child dressed in a swimsuit.

Viewing the VP Biden and Lady Gaga video referenced in Image 1 reminds me of Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, he coined the term doublethink, which is a concept that forms an important part of the political language of newspeak used in the fictional totalitarian country of Oceania.

Image 3: October 25, 2017, Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga delivering an important doublethink message

From Lady Gaga’s message with her “buddy Vice President Joe Biden” it seem that the newspeak has now been upgraded to include new sex abuse and assault definitions as found in statements like (see 0:17 in video with Lady Gaga):

“I want to make it clear, it’s on us, it’s on everyone to intervene and stop abuse when they see it and when they hear about it.”

Image 4: A sampling of Hunter Biden practicing and honing his doublethink skills

To those who aren’t fluent in newspeak and need a plain English translation of what VP Biden and Lady Gaga are saying, read the following messages, they are self-explanatory.

Image 5:  “…we can both [Jim and Joe] shove it [her complaints about the sexual abuse of her daughter] down her [a Biden family member] fucking throat!!!!”

References and Sources
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Nineteen Eighty Four — by George Orwell

Useful Newspeak Vocabulary
Minitrue — The Ministry of Truth, who manufacture consent by way of lies (like most of fact checking industry does), propaganda, and distorted historical records, while supplying the proletariat with synthetic culture and trashy entertainment, which is not dissimilar from what Lady Gaga produces

Pornosec — The pornography production division of the Ministry of Truth’s Fiction Department (the unit the produced the Lady Gaga and VP Biden film)

Doublethink — The act of simultaneously believing two, mutually contradictory ideas (like the Beau Biden foundation, which is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse vs. the abuse perpetrated by some of its directors)

Duckspeak — Automatic, vocal support of political orthodoxies (like the Biden 1994 crime law)

Oldspeak — Standard English

Oldthink — Ideas from the time before the media revolution, such as objectivity and rationalism

Ownlife — A person’s anti-social tendency to enjoy individualism and free speech

Rectify — The Ministry of Truth’s euphemism for manipulating news and repurposing historical events

Unperson — An executed person whose existence is erased from history and memory


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