The Illustrated Primer

My Cane-tuck-ee Girl

My Can-tuck-ee Girl

Fresh of the lathe and CNC machine, a 4140 chrome-moly steel, 42” octagonal barrel, 45 caliber, and a 1:56 twist rate with 8 groves. Maple stock, brass patch box, and adjustable iron sights. She is a beauty.

My Cane-tuck-ee Girl

Keep your bony AR15 chick, I like mine with some meat,
My curvy Cane-tuck-ee girl, always sweeps me off my feet.

I love her lines and the solid weight of her body,
She’s a straight shooter, never vain or haughty.

Her dark maple wood stock, In my arms it lies content,
Her black powder perfume, intoxicates with its scent.

She is a thrifty girl, takes sixty grains of powder, that is all,
Down her 42” grooved barrel slides the ramrod patch and ball.

I align the plain iron sights and gently pull her set trigger,
She instantly recoils with a youthful vim and vigor.

Practice, patience, and discipline, these are her demands,
A tight grouping at two hundred yards requires loving hands.

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