The Illustrated Primer

Cyber Security Poetry

Cyber Beatnic Poetry

Tokens of Distrust
It was on a starless March night,
The spear phishers went out for bite.

Through a zero day vulnerability,
They breached RSA’s network security.

A Trojan attached to an email transmission,
Gave the attackers remote access permission. 

Deep into the corporate systems they dove, 
Collecting the SecureID key seeds treasure trove.

The theft effected over forty million tokens,
Transparency failed and trust was broken.

A few weeks followed and on a moonless May night,
The spear fishers returned with a renewed appetite.

Over the internet via secure VPN and a forged key,
They breached Lockheed’s defenses and Pwned ’their IP.

Ties That Bind
Identity, how do I bind thee to an object? Let me recount the ways. 
One, by a secret.
Two, by a token.
Three, by your essence.
Four, by space and time.

Risk Appetite
A little shiftless bureaucrat named Phil,
Got a CISO gig through a shady deal. 

Clueless of cyber security threats,
He managed upwards like a rat.

Pen tests and remediation took a back seat,
To what the cafeteria was serving to eat.

When the company was finally breached by a hack,
He said “C’est la vie! Insurance will cover our back.”

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